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Ipoh Malaysia

Ipoh is almost synonymous with white coffee, thanks to the successful franchise of Old Town White Coffee.  My favorite place for white coffee (not that I know too many) is at “Kedai Kopi” Sin Yoon Long located in the ever flourishing old town of Ipoh.     

The cafe is established since 1937 and it’s one of the pioneers in white coffee.  I wonder if the tattered placard is more than 70 years old too?

I just keep going back to Sin Yoon Loong for the familiarity and hence actually have not explored much in terms of white coffee.  The familiarity is not just with the coffee but also with the people.  It is either the uncle with glasses with streaks of grey hair or the curly hair auntie that sits at the reception counter; the same uncle in white shirt that handles the coffee brew in his corner filled with coffee bags and coffee tin cans; and the same team of staff that takes the orders.  I never really talked to them besides “bak kopi kosong” but every time I saw them, I thought, “I know you!”; and they probably feel the same when they see a returning patron.

Sometimes I take one cup of coffee; but more often, I take 2 cups, enjoying the pleasurable amount of bitterness fused with a scent of charcoal, while the coffee bubbles away.

DSC_7983 DSC_7988
Sin Yoon Loong serves simple treats from toast with kaya, pastries and creme caramel. My single serving of toast was topped with a wobbly soft boiled egg, with the yolk membrane just barely strong enough to hold the oozy yolk inside.  Strange, but I had a short lived moment of excitement when my spoon pierced and broke through the water tension on the yolk.

Other items that you can order in the coffee shop include yong tau foo and pork rice.  That’s not all though as there are more vendors umbrellaing just outside Sin Yoon Loong or along the corridors.  Food from the coffeeshop next door, Sun Yuan Foong can also be delivered to you even if you are sitting in Sin Yoon Loong.

DSC_8007 DSC_7990
The coffeeshop’s interior.

Another famous place for white coffee – Nam Heong is just across the road from Sin Yoon Loong; the one that started the Old Town White Coffee Franchise.  So which one is your favorite?

More Info
Sin Yoon Loong Website
Address : 15 A Jalan Bandar Timah, 30000 Ipoh, Perak.  (In Ipoh Old Town).




  1. Khai

    Passed through but never been. One thing for sure, the Ipoh White Coffee wins handsdown over Starbucks. The taste is amazing! Coffee is more flavourful which makes it bittersweet and nice 🙂

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