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Ipoh Malaysia

With a swirl of coffee stain (or milk tea stain?) on its logo, Something’s Brewing keeps patrons intrigued at what’s brewing.  There’s both coffee and tea on the menu but it’s the tea selection that I found to be stellar.  

With more than 20 kinds of tea to choose from, I went with the Chocolate Chai (RM 8.9). Unlike most of the chai I’ve tried which comes with premixed spices, the chocolate chai at Something’s Brewing comes in a small sieve of dry spices, immersed in a milky and velvety hot chocolate.  The tea cup is conveniently double insulated for easy drinking.

The chocolate chai has an exotic fusion of spices where the cardamon stands out more than the other spices with its distinctive flavor, yet the cardamon flavor is still subtle and not overpowering.  I poured out the spices just to see if I could decipher the rest of the ingredients but I gave up and thought it was easier to refer to the menu.  Here is the happy medley that goes into the chocolate chai to create the unique and delicate flavor –  pu-erh tea, cocoa nibs, coconut flakes, roasted dandelion roots, long pepper, yerba mate and vanilla bean; all organic by the way.

Something’s Brewing’s menu consists of light meals like sandwiches, soups, breakfast and a few dishes that are European inspired, including the Turkish Wafer with 4 dips, Hungarian Goulash and Mediterranean grilled chicken.

The Mediterranean dish (RM 18.90) has a mixture of grilled chicken thighs and chicken wings accompanied by potato wedges.  The chicken pieces were lightly marinated and grilled till golden with perfect grill marks on them.  The taste was all natural without too much seasoning – which is a good thing, but it could have been improved by using extra herbs like rosemary or dill to enhance the aroma.

Other than cheesecakes and chocolate cakes that have become common items in most of the cafes, the fruit cakes starring cranberries and raspberries are refreshing.  The one I had was cranberry cake which had a copious amount of dried raspberries, which burst into wonders of sweet and sour each time I took a bite.

The cafe’s interior.

Semi outdoor seating area.


With about 20 different types of tea on the menu, Something’s brewing definitely has the most comprehensive tea selection among cafes in Ipoh.  They are still looking the increase the tea range so stay tuned for more tea to come 🙂

More Info
Something’s Brewing Facebook Page
Address : 19 Jalan Medan Ipoh 1B/1,  Medan Ipoh Bestari 34000 Ipoh Perak.
Opening Hours : Mon – Thurs : 7.30 am – 11 pm.  Fri – Sat – 7.30am – 12 am.
Sun 7.30 am – 11pm.
Tel : 05 541 5900




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    1. KJ @ Post author

      A little surprised to hear that because both the teas and the foods are good 🙁 But I guess competition is getting steeper and steeper with so many cafes around.

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