Baan Laksasubha Hotel @ Hua Hin, Thailand

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Huahin Thailand

We stayed in Baan Laksasubha Hotel in Hua Hin for its superb location.  It’s central in Hua Hin Town with many eateries and night markets within walking distances and the best part is, the beach is just right behind the hotel.  

There are several room types in the hotel, bigger villa rooms and the smaller studio rooms. We opted for the latter which are located towards the end section of the hotel, and open up to a small alleyway decorated with greens.

The balcony looks out to the cute alleyway and it’s a relaxing spot to drink a cup of coffee.

Coffee & tea drinking facility.

DSC_1831 DSC_1829
The bathroom is painted in an unusual green but that didn’t really matter to me as long as I could take a good shower in there.  The only thing I didn’t like about the bathroom was that it seemed to have a lingering sewage smell that would not go away. Lucky enough for us, the smell was kept away from the room as long as the bathroom door was shut.

The hotel surprisingly has a mini forest in its compound, where you have to cut through to get to the restaurant and the beach.

DSC_2111 DSC_2110
There are plenty of outdoor couches around the lush greens for you to enjoy breakfast or laze around for the afternoon.

DSC_2124 DSC_2125
The swimming pool is right by the beach.  There’s one more pool that’s located around the villas within the hotel.

The breakfast area looks out to the beach and we enjoyed the cool sea breeze every morning.

Baan Laksasubha Hotel @ Hua Hin, Thailand 20
Breakfast is a mix of western and Thai food which changes on a daily basis.

Baan Laksasubha Hotel @ Hua Hin, Thailand 19DSC_2099
Other items like waffles (my favorite!), fruits and omelettes are there daily.  


Overall an enjoyable stay with the fairly spacious room and super friendly & helpful staff 🙂

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  1. Khai

    This hotel sure looks very green and calming. And with the beach around, I don’t need the pool. Haha. But the smell could be a turn down.

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