Myth Eatery & Bar @ M Boutique Hotel, Ipoh

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Ipoh Malaysia

The Myth Eatery & Bar is a cafe in M Boutique Hotel that serves quick bites, main courses in both Western and Asian, desserts and drinks, brought to you by the same team behind Jose & Deli Eatery.  

The cafe being called “Myth” really doesn’t have anything mystical about it, but it echoes with M Boutique Hotel’s adventurous expedition theme.  If M Boutique Hotel were a luxury base camp for a safari expedition, then the Myth cafe would be the home of a wealthy safarian that’s sponsoring the expedition.

Rustic with colors, the overall set up is grand with magnificent chairs, chandeliers entangled in wood art; at the same time it’s homey with the use of thick cushions and washed out grey linens as table mats.

With the table mats and cutleries already laid out, I felt like I walked into a home that is expecting my arrival.

DSC_6784 DSC_6775
Another lovely set up but looks like this table is for display only.

DSC_6788 The bar.

DSC_6846For starters, I ordered smoked chicken wing (RM 16) which I thought was something different from the usual BBQ or deep fried chicken wings. 

Without the oiliness of deep friend wings or the burnt flavor of barbecued wings, the smoked wings had a wonderful thorough smokey flavor inside out with the beautifully browned chicken skin enveloping the pink, tender flesh.

I picked the Spaghetti Siciliana (RM 30) as I don’t see it often too on cafe menus.  It’s supposed to come with anchovies, broccoli and pine nuts, but the anchovies were missing in action.

It was a decent dish similar to a soupy and less spicy version of an aglio olio.  However, without the addition of anchovies which would have added an unique flavor, the dish was plain without much character.

I really liked the smoked chicken wings and obviously not so much on the Spaghetti Siciliana.  The food is pricey (main courses range from RM 20 – 60, quick bites range from RM 8 – 28) but if price is not a concern, the Myth Cafe is an atmospheric place to hang out with its fantastic setting.

More Info
Myth Eatery & Bar (in M Boutique Hotel) Website
Address: No 2 Hala Datuk 5, 31650 Ipoh, Perak
Tel : 605 2555566




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  2. Dr.Selva

    Hi, went on 11.2.2014 to check out the place. Very rustic and laid back. Menu not too enterprising. My friend went yesterday and had a bad experience. He wanted to celebrate his birthday and had made a reservation. When he got there they gave a small table and informed him his table was given away, although he was on time. The Manager was not to good in her customer relations. However, my friend decided he would rather go elsewhere. Bad start for a birthday due to unprofessional attitude.

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  4. LLT

    My first try and I think it was lovely! The atmosphere and deco was nice and reminds of home! I ordered the fresh tomato pasta and it was surprisingly heavenly! Red Velvet as dessert was okay but I really loved the service there! The waiters and waiteresses bid goodbyes and serves with a big smile on their face! Great job! 😀

  5. Chalottle

    Hi, Went for a try. Hotel service was great. But No offence, the manager’s attitude in The Myth Eatery&Bar is certainly not what I had expected! She accidentally spilt a young girl’s drinks but an apologise is not heard from her… She eventually wiped the stain on her pants and just walked away. It’s a Bad impression to everyone especially that poor young girl. However, The young girl just smiled and walked out of the shop. TQ

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  7. pan

    The services was bad.even that cny not Enuf staff to serve ppl ,food served slow,environment are noisy ,it’s okay,they are forgivable!
    the staff attitude failed Too!
    food unequal with the food quality.

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