M Boutique Hotel @ Ipoh, Malaysia

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Ipoh Malaysia

I drive pass the M Boutique Hotel almost every single day being on the way home and saw the gradual development of the hotel.  During the early stages, the building was all transparent glass which was later on covered by a lattice structure.  The hotel also has two cafes in the same building – Myth Eatery & Bar and Signature Old Town White Coffee.  

M Boutique Hotel Ipoh 1
I popped in the lobby after my meal at Old Town White Coffee and the lobby is stunning!

With wild animal motifs, rusty suitcases, sand colored sofas, it feels like a luxury base camp for a safari expedition.

Formaldehyde jugs for animal specimens?

Gas containers for a jeep? Just letting my imagination run wild here!

Here’s a few more corners in the lobby.  Somehow I thought the interior of the hotel must have been designed by the same person that designed Jose and Deli Eatery and upon asking one of the hotel staff, indeed it is the same interior designer.

There’s a lifestyle store at the lobby too.  Perhaps the robes, towels and toiletries sold here are also the ones used in the rooms at the hotel?

DSC_6759DSC_6805 DSC_6803
Very cute items at the lifestyle store 🙂


More Info
M Boutique Hotel Facebook
Address : No. 2 Hala Datuk 5, 31650 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel : 05 255 5566




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  4. mboutiquehotels

    Hello KJ @ Travelisicious! Thanks for posting up photos of our home in Ipoh! And yes, many of the things in M Shop is actually part of the items used in the Hotel! 🙂

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