Espresso Lab @ Ipoh (Ipoh Garden)

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Ipoh Malaysia

DSC_6435The cakes from Espresso Lab are a real charmer for me.  On top of classic cakes like tiramisu, cheese cake, they have a trio of liquored cakes, namely whisky salted caramel chocolate cake, kahlua tiramisu with caramelized almond and Baileys chocolate mousse with caramelized hazelnut.   

The evocative whisky salted caramel chocolate cake has completely won my heart over.  I chose this cake over the other two because I could sort of  imagine what the other two would taste like.  But whisky, salt, caramel and chocolate?

DSC_6424  I had no regrets because the cake was simply opulent.  The chocolate cake had soaked up some whisky so it was extremely moist with the distinctive oaky flavor of whisky, complemented by the springy, salted caramel custard that filled in between the cake layers.  Together with the smooth, salted, toffee-like icing flowerets in undulating ripples, I wiped out the cake and made sure no remnants went to waste.

DSC_6430I’ve fallen in love with this cake and definitely going to try the whole family of liquored cakes.

DSC_6408 DSC_6407The seafood cabonara on the other hand, was bland. Sufficient amount of seafood like mussels, prawns, white fish came with the pasta but it was the sauce that was a let down, possibly prepared from a commercial pre-made sauce, tasting rather unloved.

My latte was rich and aromatic and besides the standard selections like cappuccino, mocha etc, Espresso Lab has hand brew coffee (chemex and syphon) as well.

The interior of the cafe.

So here’s another cafe for cake and coffee lovers 🙂

DSC_6429 DSC_6427DSC_6437

More Info
Espresso Lab Facebook Page
Address : 105 Jalan Canning Estate, 31400 Ipoh, Perak
Opening Hours : Mon – Thurs, Sun 10 am – 7pm. Fri & Sat 10 am – 10pm.




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