Cafe Pronto @ Ipoh Old Town, Malaysia

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Ipoh Malaysia

Cafe Pronto in the Old Town area of Ipoh is pretty eye-catching with its Tiffany blue facade, aligned plants, wooden signboard and wooden fences.  It’s located directly across from the Happy 8 Cafe – looks like competition among cafes in the old town area is getting steeper and steeper.
The interior is a continued usage of simple wooden blocks and the color of green.  The “grass” on the ceiling is a nice touch to the otherwise plain ceiling.  The cafe interior is not too fancy but if you need something undistracting, the earth-toned cafe is a comfortable place to dine.

The cafe has 2 sections.  The non smoking section is a bit more up scaled with cushioned seats and leather chairs.

The casual smoking section.

While Cafe Pronto’s menu carries the expected cafe food – sandwiches, pasta, cakes, chicken chops, etc;  it also carries more gourmet selections like angus beef sandwiches and even foie gras and lobsters.

I ordered chicken roll (RM 25), which essentially was cheese and ham wrapped in a piece of boneless chicken leg.  The chicken had a lovely golden skin with sesame seeds sprinkled on top, and the ham added a hint of smokiness to the chicken.  The tomato-based sauce was savory but it could have been reduced more for an enhanced flavor.

The chocolate indulgence cake (RM 8.90) was of course everything chocolate – from chocolate ganache, chocolate sponge cake and chocolate cream.  I liked the chewy chocolate ganache which was the sweetest part of the cake and I enjoyed nibbling on this part of the cake bit by bit.  But the overall cake was just ok for me – it was overwhelmingly sweet and I didn’t like the thick layers of cream too much.

So here is another cafe to add onto your cafe-hopping list in Ipoh! Enjoy!

More Info on Cafe Pronto
Address:  55 Jalan Market, 3000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Opening Hours : Daily 11.30 am – 4 pm, 6 pm – 10.3 pm.
Cafe Pronto Facebook Page
Tel: 05 241 3648




  1. Jeff

    I talked with the owner before when I happened to walk by and he told me that the cafe offers fine dining as well at night. So, you should go try it as well.

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