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Ipoh Malaysia

“Roquette” makes a sound name for a cafe as roquette is often used in salads and I totally see the relation with a cafe.  When I drove past Roquette Cafe in Ipoh Old Town for the first time, it was paired with the DAP rocket logo which made me turn my head again just to make sure whether it’s Roquette Cafe, or DAP Service Center.  

Peculiarly, it’s a harmonious combination of both – a service cafe where assemblyman YB Nga Kor Ming and Check Hup Coffee have teamed up, giving Ipoh’s blossoming cafe scene yet another lovely surprise, providing a leisure space for the constituents and coffee lovers. YB Nga is at the center every Tuesday to handle matters.

Looking at the walls with photos of coffee and DAP event pictures, I never thought coffee and politics could be linked up so easily just like that.

The menu is on the black board with an extensive selection of coffees. For paper drip coffee, there are coffee beans from various regions you can choose from.  Most coffee beans are from Indonesia being Rasuna, Mandheling, Toraja, Lintong and Luwak; whereas a few others are from Columbia, Ethiopia and Brazil.  On the ordering counter, there is a chart which characterizes the coffee by aroma, flavor, acidity and sweetness to help you choose your favorite.

I chose the fruity Rusina beans, which came freshly ground with a captivating aroma (RM12 – 14 per serving, depending on which coffee you choose; coffee luwak is RM28 per serving).

A lot of apparatus came with the paper drip coffee set – an elegant kettle, a small espresso cup, a glass coffee jug and ground coffee beans in filter paper.

My coffee is now dripping in action and all the fancy apparatus yielded a tiny precious cup of warm aroma with a sweet lingering after taste.  The staff explained that the portion is only one serving and the level of the water should not be above the “1” on the glass jug because that will dilute the taste.  Being curious, I poured more water into the filter for a second portion and yes she was right – quite blend indeed.

While I am in love with the coffee, the food on the other hand did not give any surprises. Sandwiches are basic with 2 choices of filling including ham & cheese and tuna which can be paired with one of the breads – panini, multi-seed, baguette or croissant.  Other items on the menu include bratwurst sausage croissant, chicken pie and waldorf chicken sandwich.  In retrospect, maybe I should have chosen the waldorf chicken sandwich as it looked pretty good on another person’s table.

The oreo cheese cake (RM 14) had an original cream cheese flavor that was almost too original I did feel like I was pretty much eating right out from a packet of Philadelphia cream cheese – not my favorite but some cheese lovers might like it.

More cakes and cookie selections at the cafe.

DSC_5284 DSC_5265
If you have a bit of time to spare, the cafe has a selection of books and magazines to enjoy your coffee with 🙂


More Info
Roquette Cafe in Ipoh Echo
Roquette Cafe Address: 101 Jalan Sultan Yussuf, Ipoh Old Town (behind Kong Heng Kopitiam, in the same area as Burps & Giggles, Patisserie Boutique Cafe and Plan B)
Tel: 05 – 241 2616
Opening Hours: Tuesday to  Thursday (9am to 6pm), Friday and Saturday (9am-7pm) and Sunday (11am to 5pm).  Closed on Mondays.




  1. Khai

    Amazing how DAP managed to diverse its organization. Servicing and gaining, which is good because the constituents can meet the MP in a leisurely manner plus a nice aroma. Good concept, I would say 🙂

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