Happy 8 Retreat Cafe @ Ipoh, Old Town

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Ipoh Malaysia

The cafe within the Happy 8 Retreat Boutique Hotel in Old Town Ipoh is designed with retreat and nature in mind, where you can fall back and relax in forest-like tranquility.    

Before you enter the cafe, you are welcomed by Happy 8’s mascot – a green and queer creature painted on the floor.

DSC_5173 DSC_5175
The cafe has a back-to-basics feel with the use of wood elements like gigantic nest and little wooden cubes dangling on the ceilings.

DSC_5160The cafe is a wonderful place to explore because a good portion of the cafe is hidden beyond the reception counter.  The long corridor that leads you from the reception counter to the back of the cafe is a pleasant walk decorated with beautiful plants in stony pots, wooden walls and exotic masks.
  DSC_5150One section of the corridor, where the bamboo-enclosed private room is even has water underneath it.  You hear the sound of water and you feel the slight drop in temperature change, creating a false illusion that a river is just around the corner.

DSC_5117 DSC_5149
As you reach the back of the cafe, it is a magical kingdom surrounded with enchanting trees and birds.

Since Christmas is just round the corner, if you are planning to kiss anyone, there is a nice spot in the cafe for you to do that!

Use of wood elements is consistent at the back of the cafe as well.

The wooden chairs are pretty unique looking with only three legs.

Even my table number is made of wood too!

Since everything is so nature-themed, it made sense when my chicken burger (RM18) arrived in a leaf-shaped plate.

The burger was tall so I split it into half, like eating two mini burgers.  The combination of browned, juicy chicken patty with cheesy egg was a sumptuous delight.

The carrot cake was fluffy, lightly spiced and adorned with cream cheese and nut crumbles. Generous amounts of ingredients were used where every bite came with plenty of visible shredded carrots and a sweet kick from the raisins.  The quality of the cake is totally reflected in the price too at a whopping RM18.90 per piece that is even more expensive than my chicken burger – definitely not wallet friendly but go for it if you feel like splurging.

More cake selections at the cafe. 
When you are done eating, don’t forget to check out the little lane that’s also part of the cafe.

The lane has simple yet creative tables, making use of sewing machine parts.
  DSC_5152 DSC_5165
And I love the printed leaves on the cement floors and tables which is really clever!

DSC_5182      DSC_5184
The cafe doesn’t have any obvious signs that says “Happy 8 Retreat” except the “8” made of concrete, which can be blocked by cars.  You can look out for the mural painting that’s on Jalan Market if you are looking for the cafe.


More Info
Happy 8 Retreat Cafe Address: 46 Jalan Market, 30000 Ipoh, Perak.
Happy 8 Official Website
Tel: 05 – 2438388






  1. Khai

    It looks really nice! I mean, feels like you’re in the woods or something. Must be better in real life. Whoa? Pricey meh? That explains why Jeff didn’t even suggest this place to me when I was there. Hahaha

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