Patisserie Boutique Cafe @ Ipoh

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Ipoh Malaysia

The newly opened Patisserie Boutqiue is such a lovable cafe, adding another charming cafe to Ipoh.  The Parisian-themed cafe serves simple appetizers (RM8 – RM13), pastas (RM14 – 16) and of course cakes and pastries!    

The cafe has all sorts of Parisian elements, the obvious one being the Eiffel Tower that appears in and out of the cafe.

The less obvious element is the climbing plants outside the cafe that’s a common scene along the streets of Paris in the summer.   Summer in Paris is very colorful with flowers everywhere and vines all over the walls.

Hotel Du Nord @ Paris France 15
Can’t imagine what Paris is like in summer? Here is the lovely Hotel Du Nord that we stayed in,

Restaurant Au Viex Paris d'Arcole , Paris, France
and Restaurant Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole, which had blossoming flowers just outside the cafe!

The restaurant’s interior is in sophisticated with black frames and white walls, which has a big French word “Gateaux” (meaning “cake”) written on one of the walls to remind you their specialty!

The cafe has 2 dinning areas, one is the main one with the black and white theme.
Patisserie Boutique Ipoh 12

The other is a smaller space which seats about 3 tables with worn walls.  The stripy colors add a cheery mood to the room but I think the colors would have been even better in blue, white and red – the color of the French flag!
With such a lovely interior, the food was just as good! I had Granny’s Chicken Lasagna (RM18), which was absolutely decadent and one of the best lasagnas I’ve had in a long time.

The lasagna came with such a beautiful presentation I almost didn’t want to break it apart. It was buried in brilliant tomato sauce with a drizzle of cream and a sprinkle of freshly ground herbs.  The spots where the red and the white overlapped had a gorgeous salmon-pink hue.  The sauce was rich and flavorful with thinly grated Parmesan cheese melting within, complementing the copious amount of chunky minced chicken.

For my dessert, I curiously picked an unusual pumpkin chocolate cake.  The cake was moist and easily mushes up in your mouth when you take a bite.  I liked the texture though I thought it was a little too sweet and heavy for me – probably best when shared so you are sharing the calories too; and I am still wondering where the pumpkin comes in!
The cafe’s work station.

 DSC_5017The cafe is located on Jalan Sultan Yusof (near the bank area in Ipoh Old Town, just a few doors away from Burps & Giggles, or behind Plan B) so look out for the yellow building as you drive along the road.


More Info
Patisserie Boutique Website
Patisserie Boutique Address: 103 Jalan Sultan Yusof, 3000 Ipoh, Perak (few doors away from Burps & Giggles)
Opening Hours: Daily 11am – 6pm; closed on Wednesdays.
Tel: 05 – 241 1385