Na Na Place @ Hua Hin, Thailand

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Huahin Thailand

Na Na Place is located in the little “soi” just opposite the Colonade Mall in Hua Hin town. There’s a lot of other restaurants in the area but somehow Na Na Place had our attention with its cutesy and laid-back ambiance so we decided to have our dinner there.  

Na Na Place’s menu has a good mix of Thai and Western cuisine. 

Na Na Place Hua Hin 3
The interior decor is purple themed and homey.    

 DSC_2052 DSC_2050
As the steamed fish with chili and lime came (275 Baht), I took a sip of the soup which initially I thought was low on the sourness and spiciness.  Then we noticed one small bowl of lime juice concoction; we dunked in all the juices and instantly the dish was zesty and firy.  So that’s where all the good stuff is!  The lime juice must have been set aside for those that are not accustomed to the extreme sour and spicy flavors.  Together with the sweetness from the fish, generous use of herbs, the steamed fish was fresh and aromatic with no ingredients compromised!  

Na Na Place Hua Hin 2
Our simple vegetable stir fry (75 Baht).  

A few cute items in the restaurant include the orange elephant cooler holder (you can buy them at night markets) and napkin rolls!

Na Na Place is one of the popular restaurants in the area as the small restaurants gets filled up very quickly.  The service was friendly where the waitress happily introduced the dishes to us though it was not too speedy with a full house.  If you are not too particular about speediness, Na Na Place is a homey restaurant to enjoy some good and affordable Thai food 🙂

More Info
Address: Poon Suk Road, Hua Hin, Thailand 




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      1. Rod

        Can you please provide me with the current correct email address for the Na Na Place Restaurant at Hua Hin. ?

        I cannot find it anywhere.

        Thank you.

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  4. Daniel Lawrence

    Hello, I’m looking to purchase the orange elephant beer Cooley. I’m in Pattaya if you could please let me know if there’s a night market here I can find them. I’ve been trying but no luck yet. Thank you

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