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Beijing China

During our trip to Beijing, we visited some of Beijing’s most magnificent and iconic places. Beijing being the capital city where emperors and imperial families resided for the past 600 years, it is no surprise that everything in Beijing is grand and lavish.  Some of the attractions are so huge and involve lots of walking; we could only visit 2 attractions daily before calling it a day.  Here is our itinerary for Beijing.   

Day 1
Beijing Day 1
Arrival in Beijing.
Check in Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel that’s located in a quiet hutong to get a taste of old Beijinger’s lifestyle.
Dinner at Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant – the roast duck is so good even Chairman Mao endorsed the restaurant.

Day 2
beiing day 2
Visit the Forbidden City where you see chambers and halls where the emperors did their daily duties, or chambers where imperial concubines stayed.  If you have limited time, 2 hours should be enough for you to go through the central route but I think galleries along the left and right route should not be neglected including Clocks & Watches Gallery, the Antiquarian and the Ceramics Gallery.  For a panoramic view of the Forbidden City, walk across the road as you exit the Forbidden City to Jingshan Park.
Mao Zedong Mausoleum and Tiananmen Square is within the vicinity as well.
Dinner at Dadong Roast Duck Restaurant – another famed restaurant that’s often fully booked where you get to see the duck roasting process in action through a walk-in kitchen.  If you are going there without booking, be there by 5 pm and you should be able to get a table.

Day 3
Beijing Day 3
Visit the Great Wall of China and see the unforgettable architecture.  The Great Wall of China at Badaling is the closest one to Beijing and can be easily reached by train in 1 hour 20 minutes.
Visit the Nanluoguxiang Hutong that has lots of local snacks to savor and unique souvenirs to shop.  The famed Yaoji Chaogan (fried liver) and Hou’s wonton is near the area as well.
Dinner at Wangfujing Food Street where you get all sorts of local snacks, some even bizarre and scary like scorpions and centipedes!

Day 4
Beijing Day 4
Visit the Summer Palace, the world’s largest imperial garden.  Specific attractions within the garden include Tower of Buddhist Incense, Garden of Virtue & Harmony, Suzhou Street. Lunch within Summer Palace.  The old summer palace Yuan Ming Yuan is just 1 station away so it’s logical to visit both on the same day though we were too tired after our visit in Summer Palace and decided to have early dinner on Ghost Street, at Luo Luo Hotpot, a Miao Ethnic delicacy where fermented tomatoes are used as the soup base for steamboat.

Day 5
beijing day 5
Visit the Temple of Heaven and be prepared to walk because the place is 4 times the size of Forbidden City!
Visit Yonghegong, or one of the most well preserved Llama temple in China.
We ate dinner at Ghost Street again.  In fact, there was too many choices on Ghost Street we decided to split our dinners at 2 places, at Hua’s Restaurant (Hua Jia Yu Yuan) and Zai Zai’s Restaurant for crayfish.

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