Maeklong Railway Market @ Bangkok, Thailand

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Bangkok Thailand

The Maeklong Railway Market is an hour and a half’s drive from Bangkok; it’s located in Samut Songkhram Province, the smallest province in Thailand.  The market seems like any typical wet market in Thailand selling local produces.  But the vendors here lead a much more dramatic life than any other market vendors because the train runs through the market a few times a day.  Within minutes before the train arrives, the vendors shuffle for life, move their things away, pull down the umbrellas and make way for the train. Some tourist brochures even term this market as “Risky Market”!   

On a closer look, the stalls are set up dangerously close to the railway track.

The railway track deoesn’t bother the vendors though and you can find everything here from dried seafood,
fresh seafood,


herbs, meats, and so on.
With a few hubbubs of voices here and there, the vendors notify each other that the train is coming and they quickly pack away their things with ease and they obviously have mastered the technique and are well equipped with the wheels to push their items away from the track easily.  

Now everyone waited eagerly for the train to come, getting all the cameras, DSLRs, iPhones, iPads, Samsungs ready…

And here comes the train! It was an unusual yet remarkable spectacle, seeing the train move across the market! The train moved much slower than I expected, even slow enough for daring tourists to jump on to the track to pose for a nice shot though the locals quickly shooed them away.

DSC_3173The train may seem to move slow, but it does come extremely close to you so it’s still best to be cautious.
 DSC_3179DSC_3176Some vendors have found a perfect symbiosis with the train, and they don’t even bother moving some of their things, knowing the train will just move swiftly above their things without doing any harm.
 DSC_3180Before I recovered from the bizarre feeling of the train running through tracks with crabs and vegetables underneath it, the vendors were back to usual business again in no time.

This is the handsome crab vendor that signaled me over to his stall. I didn’t know what he was getting at at first but he seemed to intend good,  so I went over to his stall anyway. Then I realized that he wanted to show me the train running over his crabs!
At last, the train docked at its destination station – Maeklong!

The Maeklong Railway Market is also a great place for a gastronomic adventure.  From fried noodles,

fried chicken,

grilled cat fish, a northern Thai snack that looks very much like barbecue chicken wings,

to sugar glazed lotus, everything looked so delectable!

The railway market is more than only the vendors selling along the railway track.  There’s another section of the market that’s indoors though this section is mostly visited by the locals.  Check out more photos of the indoor market below 🙂


More Info
Getting there: There are several ways to get to the market.
1.  Hire a cab to get there.
2.  Take the sky train to Victory Monument Station and take the mini van from there at only 70 Baht per person.  The van leaves once it gets filled up.
3.  For me, I took a tour package at 700 Baht per person which covered the railway market and the floating market.   




    1. KJ @

      I took a package which i bought on groupon at RM70 per person. min 2 person. later i found out that you can actually go to the market yourself by taking minivan. take the skytrain to victory monument station, and lots of minivans will be there waiting for you. I think around 80 Bhat (RM8 or so) per way!

  1. Shan Yuen

    Hi KJ… if we are in a group of 4 persons, we are planning to go Mae Klong and Floating Market.. do u think package or taking public transport is more suitable for us??

          1. shanyuen628

            Is Weekend the best time to go for floating market? I’ll only reach Bangkok on Saturday morning and stay there for 5 days. Sunday will definitely booked for chatuchak 😀 haha! So I guess I have to go during the afternoon for the both places? Any suggestions from you? Thank you 🙂

  2. YC

    KJ, Good Day To You. May I know which place you went first? Mae Klong Market or Damnoen Saduak Floating Market first? How long you spent in 1 place? Thanks a lot.

      1. Selina

        Hi, I am planning to go to the Railway Market and Floating Market on the same day. My flight on the last day is at 9pm. Is it advisable to go on the last day then? Thanks.

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    1. KJ @ Post author

      Hi Farhan. Not that I know of. But the schedule looks too tight to fit 3 things into one day. Getting to the railway market will take 1 hour plus, and getting to Hua Hin will take 2 hours plus, so travelling to and fro will take at least 6 hours so you probably won’t have too much time to look around.

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