Hou’s Wonton (Huntun Hou) @ Beijing China


Beijing China

Hou Wonton huntun @ Beijing 7
Hou’s Wonton Store is a time-honored store that has more than 100 years of history. Being a big fan of wontons (or wantan), I could not miss the chance to try wontons made with recipe from a 100 years ago.   Hou’s Wonton is just next to the famed Yaoji Chaogan (fried liver).  Unable to decide which one to dine in as we kind of wanted to try both, so we decided to split our dinner between Hou’s Wonton and Yaoji to get the best of both worlds.  

Hou Wonton huntun @ Beijing 6
As we already ate in Yaoji Chaogan, we only ordered wonton soup and salad to share. When I tried the wonton, I was a tad disappointed.  It wasn’t terrible or anything but it wasn’t great either.  Sad but true, it is over rated.

Hou Wonton huntun @ Beijing 5
The skin was too thick that it was almost overwhelming.  I thought the wontons back in Ipoh’s Medan Selara Stadium was much better, made to perfection with just the right ratio of skin and meat.

Hou Wonton huntun @ Beijing 4
The salad on the other hand had an interesting combination with a slightly bitterish vegetable with Chinese almonds seasoned with salt.

Hou Wonton huntun @ Beijing 3 Hou Wonton huntun @ Beijing 2
The interior of the restaurant.

I was expecting out-of-this-world wontons from Hou’s Wonton but my wish was not granted.  Hou’s Wonton is supposed to have delicious wontons as they are popular and have quite a few stores in Beijing.  So I dont’ know.  Maybe the wontons at different branches are better.

More Info
Getting there: Guolou Dajie MRT Station.
(The restaurant we went to is near Yaoji Chaogan and the Drum Tower but Hou;s Wonton is scattered throughout Beijing)



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