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Temple of Heaven 101 @ Beijing China

DSC_7250 The Temple of Heaven ( 天壇 Tiantan) was where the Emperors from the Ming and Qing Dynasties worshiped and prayed to the heavenly gods.  The emperors visited the temple twice a year, once during winter to worship the heaven, and again during spring to pray for a year of copious rain and an abundance of crops.   The Temple of Heaven takes up a monstrous area of 237 hectares with multiple buildings in the compound including Hall of Prayers for Good Harvest (祈年殿), the Imperial Vault of Heaven  (皇穹宇), Circular Mound (圜丘坛) and Fasting Palace (齋宫).   If you’ve been to the Forbidden City and thought it was a gigantic place to walk around, the Temple of Heaven is 4 times the size of Forbidden City, so be prepared to walk! 
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