What Does Travel Mean To You?



“What Does Travel Mean To You ?” was the question posed by Tourism Selangor through their recent TSBreakaway programe.  Well I never really thought of that before.  All I know is that I was bitten by a travel bug and the travel-bug-toxin remained in my blood circulation system ever since.  

When I began to think about the question,  I thought, people eat to grow (vertically or horizontally when they eat too much), and I travel to grow mentally. Travelling is my brain food that provides nourishment for my body and soul.

A new destination means an adventurous journey to experience the unexpected and to quench the curiosity.  Travelling broadens my horizon in every way where I get to see different ways of life, different cultures, different histories, different environments, meet local people and try local cuisine.  These are the things that one needs to be there to see and feel for themselves.  Or else how would you appreciate say, the majesticness of Great Wall of China, or the alluring beauty glaciers in New Zealand or a quiet breakfast in a B&B in a little village in Provence of France?

Travelling doesn’t have to be far in exotic countries.  I love local getaways too and the best part is I don’t need too much planning and I can do an impromptu. A night with the twinkling”kelip-kelip” (or fireflies) in Kuala Selangor is simply magical; and Cameron Highlands is my closest vacation destination that I am always up for.  

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and go somewhere!



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