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Jingshan Park @ Beijing China

The Jingshan Park (景山公園) is just across the road from Forbidden City as you exit the North Gate of the Divine Might (神午門).  The Pavilion of Royal Longevity (壽皇殿牌樓) that sits atop the hill is really worth the climb because it is a superb view-point that allows you to see all of Forbidden City under your eyes. You are most likely tired after exploring the enormous Forbidden City but bear with the tiredness and the view will be rewarding.   Continue reading

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Summer Palace 101 @ Beijing China


The Summer Palace (頤和園 Yihe Yuan) in Beijing is one magnificent compound that was once the royalties’ holiday place.  With an astonishing 720 acres of land, it is the world’s largest imperial landscape palace.  Back in 1750, when Emperor Qianlong built the Summer Palace for his mother as an act of filial piety, the palace was known as the Garden of Clear Ripples (清漪園 Qingqi Yuan).   Continue reading

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