Dadong Peking Duck @ Beijing China

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Beijing China

Eating the Pecking Duck at Dadong (大董北京烤鸭) is more than the mere experience of savoring the duck. Everything in this restaurant is fancy – from the food presentation, dining environment to the menu, everything is a work of art.  The best part is, the Jinbao branch that we went to,we could see the roasting process right in front of our eyes. 

DSC_6533 DSC_6532
The roasting area is at the center of the restaurant with an open concept where patrons can easily walk in and observe the process.

Dadong’s Pecking ducks are still roasted by man power as opposed to some of the other Pecking duck restaurants that have opted to roast by machines.  Man power roasted ducks are thought to be the best because every duck is different in size and weight; it is only by man power that this difference is captured and the ducks are roasted accordingly to get the best texture.

Semi-roasted ducks await in line for the final roast.

The final product has a beautiful golden color that is literally smoking hot right out from the oven.

DSC_6536 DSC_6540
The chef slices out the duck elegantly and displays the slices like flower petals as if it’s a piece of art.

Dadong’s signature dish is the “Super Lean Roast Duck” (RMB 268 per duck).  Needless to say, the duck meat is indeed super lean and I could not find any fat yellow tissues anywhere.  For health addicts, Dadong’s ducks are less oily though for me I still prefer the sinful duck from Quanjude.

The duck skin is the essence of the duck that is light, airy and it’s an explosion of awesome crispiness.  The skin is leaner than the ones from Quanjude but it is just as scrumptious .

IMG_5755 IMG_5754 IMG_5759
Besides the standard pancakes that usually accompany the duck, roasted hollow biscuit accompany the duck as well.

The condiments are fancy and again not your typical condiments of plum sauce and scallions but with the addition of cucumber slices, melon slices, garlic puree, pickled vegetables and sugar.

IMG_5761 IMG_5760
My duck wrap looks so delectable with all the colorful condiments!

The duck carcass is used to cook soup and cleverly put in a black bowl to give a beautiful black and white contrast.

IMG_5763 IMG_5762
Our simple dessert of lychee and sorbet look so lovely too!

Dadong Peking Duck 10 Dadong Peking Duck 14 Dadong Peking Duck 32
The dining atmosphere is classy in soft lighting, oozing with tranquility with Chinese water-color paintings.

DSC_6542 IMG_5764
Dadong’s menu too is in line with the restaurant’s tranquility theme.  The menu is almost like a poetry book with romantic phrases and words describing the food.  

IMG_5748 IMG_5746 IMG_5742
Even the pictures on the menu look like they are trying to decipher some sort of poetry! The menu is truly impeccable, one of its kind and one of the best that I’ve seen.
 IMG_5769We really had a different kind of experience at Dadong, eating the traditional Pecking duck prepared delicately in a poetic environment.  There are a few Dadong outlets in Beijing and the one that we went to is located in Jinbao Place (a mall).  Do make a reservation because Dadong is very popular and often fully booked.  The only reason that we got a place without reservation is that we were there at 5pm!

More Info
Dadong Peking Duck Official Website
Address: Jinbao Place, No.88 Jinbao Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China.
Getting there: Dengshikou MRT Station.




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