Fireflies @ Kuala Selangor, Malaysia

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Kuala Selangor Malaysia Selangor

Kuala Selangor, a little town 60 – 90 minutes away from KL, it is mysterious and mesmerizing at night with the little twinkling bugs – the fireflies, or “kelip – kelip ” in Malay.  “Kelip-kelip” is such a cute name because “kelip” itself means to twinkle, and to “kelip” twice means firefly!  There are two places where you can check out these dazzling bugs – the Firefly Park at Kampung Kuantan and Firefly Resort at Kampung Bukit Belimbing.  Viewing is best on a moonless night.  

DSC_1425 DSC_1424
The Firefly Park at Kampung Kuantan has a brightly lit waiting area at the jetty with educational information about the fireflies – their food, their habitat and the dangers they face.

The fees are charged by per boat (RM50) which accommodates 4 people.

DSC_1389 DSC_1392
We took the first boat that left at 7.45 pm when it wasn’t completely dark yet – but we were still excited to see the fireflies all glowing.

DSC_1396DSC_1398As the night grew darker, it became even more fascinating, seeing the fireflies twinkle in such synchronization as if they have an internal timer within them.   In fact, the twinkling action is their language of love used during mating.  

DSC_1399DSC_1401As the boat is small, the boat rower could take us really close to the fireflies – so close we were right next to the berembang trees which the fireflies feed on.  Gary even had a firefly flew onto his shirt.  It also felt more “personal”, where you could chit-chat a bit with the boat rower – who rows the boat by manpower.  

firefly Kuala Selangor 10DSC_1415The tour was a short 30 minutes tour – really not enough time especially when our first 15 minutes was still bluish-black and we wanted more of the twinkling wonders!

DSC_1427 DSC_1429
So we decided to go to the Firefly Park Resort 10-15 minutes drive away.

DSC_1430 DSC_1455
Electric boats were used instead of man-powered boats.  The boat seats 15 people and it leaves once it’s filled up (RM 15 per person).

I was glad that we went for a second tour because by then, it was pitch-black.  It was a weird sensation – I was on a full boat, yet it felt like it was just me and the fireflies because everyone was so quiet and was careful not to disturb the creatures, yet at the same time I knew we all had the common goal of embracing the magical moment where thousands of fireflies twinkle away.  My pictures don’t do the fireflies justice because they really do twinkle much more magnificently, quite like thousands of happy flickering bulbs on Christmas trees minus the celebration feel.

DSC_1442 DSC_1443
The boat is bigger than the one in Kampung Kuantan so I think that could be the reason the boat didn’t take us too close to the berembang trees.


I enjoyed both tours immensely.  The two have subtle differences :
Kampung Kuantan – smaller boats @ RM50 per boat regardless of pax.  You can find other parties to fill up the boat if you wish.  The rower brings you close to the berembang trees and there you get closer interactions with the boat rower.  The boat takes you along one side of the river and comes back on the other side.

Kampung Bukit Belimbing : Bigger boats @ RM15 per person, boat leaves when it gets filled up.  The boat maintains about a 1-3 meters distance to the berembang trees. The boat takes you along one side of the river and comes back on the same side.  The amount of fireflies seemed to be slightly more at Kampung Bukit Belimbing during my visit though I don’t know that for sure.  A restaurant is available next to the resort (closes at 9pm sharp).

Whichever tour you go with, it’s well worth it and please don’t use flash when you take photos as the lights “confuse” the fireflies and disturb their flashing patterns.




  1. Nathan Dulce

    i visited kuala selangor once when i was 10, and i remember seeing fireflies just outside my relative’s place near a plantation. they truly are magical and just amazing to look at!

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  4. AIS1976

    I love Malaysia , I visited it twice and I wouldn’t mind to visit it for the third time , and i will make sure to take this trip for fireflies 🙂

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