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China Hangzhou

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The desserts at Honeymoon Dessert (满记甜品) are really impressive and addictive! We ate there twice while we were in Hangzhou.  All the desserts looked so enticing it was difficult to choose. I loved this mixed fruit with glutinous rice and jelly in mango juice (RMB 27).  A lively combination of mangoes, kiwis and chewy gummies!  
honeymoon dessert hangzhou  5 The mixed fruits and sago in milk (RMB 31) has an interesting combination of mango, bananas, longan and sago.  It was fun to eat this dessert because there was so many goodies! The only was, I thought there was a bit of clash in taste with the lightly sourish mango and the neutral milk.

honeymoon dessert hangzhou  7The black glutinous rice with sago (RMB 27) is for the ambitious and very filling.

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Gary’s favorite was the Mango pomelo sago (RMB 27), a happy medley, bringing sweet and sour fruits together in a yogurt like sweet soup.

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We were greedy people and called for additional toppings!

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The interior is modern and chic and it was always full house when we were there.

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Here is a few pages of the menu from Honeymoon Dessert.  Have fun choosing 🙂

honeymoon dessert menu  hangzhou  2 honeymoon dessert menu  hangzhou  3 honeymoon dessert menu  hangzhou  4 honeymoon dessert menu  hangzhou  5 honeymoon dessert menu  hangzhou  6 honeymoon dessert menu  hangzhou  7

Address: Honeymoon Dessert, Hubin Branch,. 98 Youdian Road.
Opening Hours : 10am – 12am
Tel: 0571 8706 7050




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