Kwang’s Grape & Tomato Farm @ Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

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Cameron Highlands Malaysia

Grape & Tomato Farms are among the less well-known farms in Cameron Highlands. The farms are both owned by KC Kwang & Sons that’s really worth the visit because the fruits are compost grown, meaning they are organic and can be eaten without washing.

The dark purple grapes are so deep in color they are like luxurious black pearls.

The grapes are indeed a pedigree breed, the Kyoho, that originated from Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan. The Kyoho grapes are a cross-breed between American and European grape varieties . “Kyoho” (巨峰) meaning “giant mountain” is also metaphorical for the grape size because Kyoho grapes are one of the largest in size they are also dubbed “The King of Grapes”.  The grapes are only grown in certain parts of the world like Japan, Taiwan, Korea, USA and Chile.  Now I’ve found one more place that it is cultivated in – Cameron Highlands!

The grape bunches are bigger than my face!

DSC_0849 DSC_0863 The heavy bunches of grapes dangling from the thin twigs look too good to pass!

We bought a box of grapes to try and ended up buying 3 more boxes.  The owner told us that no washing is required and the white powder on the grapes is nothing harmful but is enzymes instead.  Since she’s the owner – so I trust her! At her guarantee, we tried the grapes without washing and the grapes are such delectable treats! Mildly acidic yet at the same time bursting into sweetness as if the grapes have seeped in some honey during their growth.  (Having tried the grapes without washing, some grapes had some dust and soil on them so probably better to give them a rinse). The skin peels of easily and the taste is the best after being kept in the fridge – like eating little grape popsicles.

DSC_0846 DSC_0864
The grapes are typically harvested twice a year – in January and August.  The owner told us that with the weather in Cameron Highlands, it is possible to manipulate so you get the grapes all year round.  How awesome is that? Perhaps that’s why we see the grapes in different stages – some are still green, some are light purple and some have matured into blackish purple.

To be able to eat Kyoho grapes locally grown in Cameron Highlands is a luxury because the grapes need an initial 3 years period for the first harvest – quite a long time to wait for some good stuff! Furthermore, eating locally grown fruits minimizes the carbon footprint so that’s environmental friendly too!  The stretch of grape farm is netted with a small portion of it open to visitors.

The tomato farm that’s just next door grows mainly cherry tomatoes.

DSC_0887 DSC_0879
The tomato plants seem to die off after the fruits have ripened so you see a stark contrast of red and vibrant tomatoes against shriveled brown plants.

DSC_0886  DSC_0882
I love tomatoes in general.  Whether it’s popping the cherry tomatoes like a snack or using the bigger tomatoes for cooking.  I didn’t know what a tomato plant looks like so it was good to find out 🙂

On a smaller scale, there’s also a cucumber patch next to the tomatoes.
The green cucumbers are sort of camouflaged with the big leaves you might just walk pass them without realizing they are cucumbers!

All the fruits and vegetables are for sale in the warehouse nearby.

tomato farm cameron highlands 12 DSC_0914
tomato farm cameron highlands 13
The warehouse also consists of an automated selection system for tomatoes where the machines sort the tomatoes according to their size.

Looks like the tomatoes are the star seller here! Lots and lots of tomatoes packed and ready to go!

The farms are located in Kampung Raja.  If you are coming from Simpang Pulai, before going straight into Kampung Raja, turn left and follow the “Blue Valley” sign.  If you are coming from Tapah, go through Kampung Raja, turn right at the Y junction (going straignt will take you to Simpang Pulai) and follow the “Blue Valley” sign.  You will see the “Grapes & Tomatoes Farm” sign board after a few minutes drive.   

Turn into the small lane and you will see some plantations on your right.

Keep going straight, pass this construction site, and have fun at the farms!

More Info on Kwang & Sons’ Grapes & Tomato Farms.
Address: No. 33 Main Road, Kg Raja, 39010 Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia.
Tel: +605 498 1190
Opening Hours: Daily 8am – 6pm




  1. Jude Lai

    This is great achievements to overcome .As a keen organic grower myself in various interest, perhaps I can give you some seeds for nothing…like the giant cucumber that can grow up to several kilos in size and the mormomdica cochinchinisis. Look into my old website and view some of my old activities and from there we can link up to my new Shangrilai bush garden 2. I am retired due to old age,
    an exMalaysian.

    1. KJ @ Post author

      Hi Jestin. I am not affiliated to the farm. You may contact the farm directly. Thanks.

  2. Boon Kwan

    KJ, kindly advise if the Kyoho grape from Cameron have seeds in them?
    Also, come December, any idea where we can buy them in Tapah/Ipoh without going up to Cameron?

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