STG Tea House Cafe @ Ipoh, Malaysia

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Ipoh Malaysia

STG Ipoh 12
The Sabah Tea has made its way from the highlands of Borneo to Ipoh.  With the opening of STG Tea House Cafe in Ipoh, now we can enjoy organic and pesticide-free tea in a pristine white mansion surrounded by cooling shades of trees.   

STG Ipoh 10
The Pumpkin Soup (RM10) was my favorite – smooth and presented in its natural earthy yellow color with a dash of cream.

STG Ipoh 9
The Fresh Green Salad (RM15) was crisp and fresh though the accompanying vinaigrette was too light on flavor.

STG Ipoh 15
STG Ipoh 16
The Asian Style Lamb with Rosemary Sauce (RM38) was roasted till tender, with soft and pink flesh within.

STG Ipoh 13
STG Ipoh 14
I expected more from the Tea Smoke Chicken Whole Leg (RM25) as I thought it should carry the unique scent of a smoke.  It was the sauce that was lightly smoky instead of the chicken.  Despite that, the chicken was not too bad.

STG Ipoh 11
The tea we had was the Misai Kucing Tea (RM14) which tastes like red tea.  It is also a healthy tea that has anti-diabetic and anti-cholesterol effects.

STG Ipoh 22
The ambiance at STG is unbeatable, set in an old mansion using two colors of green and white.
 STG Ipoh 17
The interior continues with that same theme with white table cloths and green heritage floor tiles.  

STG Ipoh 2STG Ipoh 1
The orange rattan chairs and cushions make a nice striking color palette with the green-starred floor.  Framed pictures of tea plantations and tea processing on the walls are simple decorations that tell the story of Sabah Tea Garden (STG).  

STG Ipoh 4STG Ipoh 3
Tea is for sale here.

STG Ipoh 7
The menu at STG – they have simple selections of pastas, meats and local delight.

STG Ipoh 18
Didn’t get to try the cakes this time!
 STG Ipoh 21
Overall, I thought the food portion was on the small side and some dishes need a bit more fine tuning to be perfect.  The enchanting atmosphere did make up for some of the shortcomings, making the experience an enjoyable one.

STG Ipoh 20

More Info on STG Tea House Cafe
Address: 2 Jalan Taman Kinta, Taman Chateau, 30250 Ipoh, Perak (in the small lane opposite Impiana Hotel)
Tel: 05 255 0188
Opening Hours : 12pm – 11pm.  Closed on Mondays.




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