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Ipoh Malaysia

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The Big Group’s Plan B has recently opened in Ipoh’s old town area! Mum and I went for an impromptu tea there, and we enjoyed our luscious red velvet cake with freshly squeezed apple + orange juice.   

plan b ipoh 8
The beautiful cake is alluring like a lady dressed in red with just the right amount of sweetness.  The cheese frosting with a hint of lemon and the rich chocolate in between the layers accentuate the cake very well.

plan b ipoh 7
Water is served in brown bottles – reminds me of iodine kept in brown bottles to prevent damage by the light! Unique as most of the time water comes in clear bottles.

plan b ipoh 1 plan b ipoh 10
The interior decor is modern in a raw way – with the ceiling beams & ducts visible, and the walls have a washed out effect with the lightly painted red bricks.  Everything is in theme with that “old-town” kinda feel with a contemporary twist – and with Kong Heng Kopitiam, Gallery Old Town , Burps & Giggles, mural paintingsCafe All Inn and an upcoming flash packers hotel nearby, the area is forming a nice eclectic hub.

plan b ipoh 5
The interior is spacious with a glass panel partition that separates the space into two – an indoor space and a semi-outdoor space.  The indoor space is air-conditioned where most people chose to sit.
 plan b ipoh 3plan b ipoh 4The semi outdoor space gives a false impression of being outdoors because of the trees and use of translucent ceilings to allow a vast amount of natural light to beam in.  It was warm at around 4pm but would have been nice with an early morning sun or at night when it’s much cooler.  

plan b ipoh 6 plan b ipoh 2
A few cozy corners to hangout in the semi outdoor space.

plan b menu 5
Here’s a few pages of Plab B’s menu and I am already planning what to eat there – more like my Plan A rather than Plan B! I am quite sure I will get good food there, as I have always enjoyed their sister restaurants in KL like S.Wine and Ben’s.

plan b menu 1 plan b menu 2 plan b menu 3 plan b menu 4

More Info on Plan B @ Ipoh
Address: 75 Jalan Panglima, Ipoh (next to Kong Heng Kopitiam).




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  8. LLT

    Plan B is definitely not letting me going back to plan A! Hahaha! Food and deco was awesome! 🙂 The spaghetti and steak was immensely wonderful! 😀

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