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China Hangzhou

Fei-Lai-Feng-Hangzhou 8
Fei Lai Feng (飞来峰) literally means “Peak Flown in From Afar” and was thought to have flown in from India in Chinese legend.  The peak is rather rocky with ancient grottoes featuring plenty of Buddhist stone carvings.  The peak is located right next to the Lingyin Temple (灵隐寺) and the two are some of the finest historical places in Hangzhou that have endured for more than 1000 years.   

Fei-Lai-Feng-Hangzhou 17
Fei-Lai-Feng-Hangzhou 2There are more than 300 pieces of marvelous carvings in the area. Some are clustered together while others are more scattered about.

Fei-Lai-Feng-Hangzhou 19
Fei-Lai-Feng-Hangzhou 4Some are within dark and damp caves, waiting for you to explore.  It is incredible that a good number of the statues are still in fine conditions.

Fei-Lai-Feng-Hangzhou 18The laughing Buddha is popular as it is not only happy but it is also one of the largest statues around the area.

Fei-Lai-Feng-Hangzhou 11
Another laughing Buddha around.  Somehow I think the first Buddha has a much more joyous mood than this one although both have big smiles on their faces!

Fei-Lai-Feng-Hangzhou 1
Fei-Lai-Feng-Hangzhou 12What’s more amazing about these carvings are they are all from different eras.  From the Five Dynasties Period (907 – 960) to the Yuan Dynasty (1271- 1368), spanning over 500 years of time, the statues that have accumulated, merged in one place, allowing us to see this fantastic collection of Buddhist stone carvings.   

Fei-Lai-Feng-Hangzhou 16
Fei-Lai-Feng-Hangzhou 14
If you look closer, you might be able to see a bit of evolution in the statues.  These two statues above, they seem to be more exotic and remind me more of Hinduism deities.

Fei-Lai-Feng-Hangzhou 10
Fei-Lai-Feng-Hangzhou 6
Then I see some statues that depict Buddhists gods in a more familiar style.

Fei-Lai-Feng-Hangzhou 13
Fei Lai Feng is really quite an enchanting place to visit.  Enjoy more photos below:)

Fei-Lai-Feng-Hangzhou 7Fei-Lai-Feng-Hangzhou 3Fei-Lai-Feng-Hangzhou 5Fei-Lai-Feng-Hangzhou 9
More Info
Address: No.1 Fayun Alley, Lingyin Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou 310013, China. (Next to Lingyin Temple)
Entrance Fee: RMB 45
Opening Hours : Daily 8am – 4pm.




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