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10 Free Magazine Subscription Giveaways From Zinio

**Updated on 1st August 2013
Here are the Ten Lucky Winners !
1.  Cheryl Chiang Ke Jia
2.  Audrey Tan
3.  Helen Greenwood
4.  Tan Mee Teng
5.  Constance Ann
6.  Joniser Ooi
7.  Serg Iv
8.  Lim Chuen Teck
9. Winnie Lee
10. Jennie Chee

Please check out Zinio’s website to see which zinio magazine you would like to subscribe to! Cheers.

Good news for the readers of , Zinio is providing free magazine subscription giveaways for 10 WINNERS!

Zinio is the World’s Largest News Stand online – Stashing more than 5000 different kinds of magazines, in 33 different languages all in one place.  If you love reading, you will pretty much find all your interests here – travel, health, women, home, fashion, food and so much more.  All the magazines are at your fingertips as you can read them easily from iPad, iPhone, and any other mobile / PC devices.   Check out Zinio’s selection of magazines here    Continue reading

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