Mushroom Farm @ Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

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Cameron Highlands Malaysia

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The Mushroom Farm is a delightful addition to the various types of farms in Cameron Highlands.  It is on a smaller scale compared to some of the other humongous farms but I think it is worth going and quite educational too if you’ve never seen how mushrooms are being cultivated.     

mushroom farm @ cameron highlands 10mushroom farm @ cameron highlands 5A little different to other kinds of traditional farming like in soil or in water, the mushrooms are cultivated in growth medium that can be made of saw dust or coffee pulp.  In the picture, the growth medium is the bulk material in white or brown wrapped in plastic beneath the mushrooms.  

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The farm cultivates mushrooms from the precious to the daily common ones.  The lingzhi mushroom is a rarer mushroom that is one of the oldest mushroom used in Chinese medicine.  In legends like Legends of the White Snake in Chinese folklore, the lingzhi mushroom was used to bring back a dead scholar’s life.  Well, the function is exaggerated with the ability to bring back someone from the dead but it is undoubtful that the lingzhi mushroom is high in nutritional values. This is my first time seeing the lingzhi mushroom in this form!

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Some other less commonly seen mushrooms include the pink mushrooms,

mushroom farm @ cameron highlands 20
and the yellow mushrooms.

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The more usual type of mushrooms you see here include the black fungus (or the wood ear mushroom).  If one is not familiar with Chinese cuisine, the sight of these black fungus can be quite frightful in dim, milky blackness and all wrinkled up as if of malnutrition.  But the truth is, I love them as they are full anti oxidant and when I make fried noodles, I love making my dish colorful with orange carrots, green chives, yellow eggs, light green cabbage and black fungus! You can purchase the black fungus here fresh, not the dried up miserable looking kind.

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Other types of mushrooms include chestnut mushrooms,

mushroom farm @ cameron highlands 14 mushroom farm @ cameron highlands 13
oyster mushrooms and clam shell mushrooms.

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Here is where all the mushrooms are cultivated.

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Notice the growth medium have caps with different colors? The different colors indicate the different stages of mushroom cultivation.  Whether the growth medium is in a resting period being fertilized or the mushrooms are in a growth period.

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The mushrooms are available for self plucking,

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and some are packed up for sale.

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The mushroom farm is located in the S’ Corner Central Market in Kea Farm.  If you are coming from Simpang Pulai, it will be on your left hand side but it can be easy to miss because the Mushroom Farm sign is not as prominent as the Strawberry Point sign, So Look out for the Strawberry Point sign or S Corner sign.

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If you are coming from Ringlet towards Kea Farm, S corner is even easier to miss because it is perched on a hill on your right hand side, on a blind spot above you.  So look out for the S’ Corner strawberry statue and you should have no problem finding it.  Have Fun!

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More Info on Mushroom Farm @ Cameron Highlands
Address: S’ Corner Central Market, 31900 Kea Farm, Cameron Highlands, Pahang.
Entrance Fee: Free.




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  2. Jose

    I love mudrooms, and especially when cooked with tasty Chinese spices. It’s interesting though to learn that there is a mushroom farm in Cameron Highlands because this place is better known for tea and strawberry plantations.

    1. KJ @

      You are right. The mushroom farm is quite unique to all the other more common farms around. It’s small and easy to miss so you got to watch out for it ! Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

    1. KJ @ Post author

      Hi Thomas. The mushrooms are sales on site only, but you can check with them to see if they do any deliveries or not.

  3. Alicia Tan

    I dialed the number your website provided. A guy answered and said “wrong number”, please update your information.

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