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Gallery Old Town @ Ipoh, Malaysia

Gallery Old Town in Ipoh is one of a kind on its own.  Basic, unaltered and intertwined with nature, the gallery is set up in a previously abandoned house.  The roots are finding their ways into the house through any opening – through the roof or climbing along the walls, but all of that create a yearning for the yesteryear.  Even the musty smell is acceptable in here.     Continue reading

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Hefang Street @ Hangzhou, China

Hefang-street-hangzhou 86
Hangzhou’s Hefang Street (河坊街) is a vibrant old street that will keep you entertained.  Shopping in stores that are more than 100 years old, discovering diminishing arts & crafts, drinking the famous Longjin tea and having fun playing dress up!  Hefang Street had always been an important place for  trade some 800 years  ever since the Southern Song Dynasty. In 2000, the street has been made a pedestrian street and renovated to depict old Hangzhou.     Continue reading

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