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Hakone Japan

Fuji Hakone Guest House
We stayed for 3 nights at Fuji Hakone Guest House during our Hakone trip.  The guest house is perfectly located just a few minutes walk away from the bus stop and a supermarket.  It was easy for us to go around Hakone and really convenient when we needed some snacks.  The ATM in the supermarket can come in handy if you ever run out of cash.  The few attractions that we went in Hakone didn’t take credit cards so be cash-ready if you are in Hakone for a few days.  

The guest house is a typical “ryokan” or Japanese Inn with tatami floors with thick futons as our beds.  It is clean, cozy, and well heated during the winter time though I do find the futons & blankets a tad worn.

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Our room has a garden at the back with woods which was soothing when we opened the doors to let in a bit of air in the morning.   As it is a guest house, we didn’t have an attached bathroom and we had to use shared bathrooms but I didn’t find any occasion where we had to wait long to use the bathroom.

As Hakone is a famed onsen holiday destination, the Fuji Hakone Guest House is complete with onsen facility, one indoor and one outdoor.  The indoor one is private so it requires booking.   There’s a white board on the wall nearby the onsen with different time slots where you can write your name and reserve the specific time slot (30 minutes).  For the outdoor onsen, you can just go whenever and it was pretty fun wearing yukata, walking out to the freezing air and jumping into the steaming hot onsen, then coming back out again into the crisp air to cool off, and in again.  The onsens are not very big, but it’s enough for us and for the other guests as well.

The only cons that it has – it’s extremely pricey during peak holiday period (like Christmas, when we went). During normal period, the price is about 100+ USD per night but during peak period, it doubles up to 200+ USD per night, which was what we paid and I find that extremely exorbitant for a guest house!  But I guess that seems to be the case for any ryokan or hotel in Hakone during peak period.  Anything else that I looked for that’s more than a guest house was 350+ USD per night during peak period, crazy prices.  So if you can, visit Hakone during off-peak period!  Other than that, I enjoyed my stay and onsen sessions at Fuji Hakone Guest House.

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Fuji Hakone Guest House Official Website

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  2. Kaz

    Hey we stayed there for our honeymoon way back when. Though i remember the opposite with the onsen: that the outdoor one requires booking and the indoor one is gender separated and you can use at any time.

    1. KJ @ Post author

      What a coincidence that we stayed in the same place ! Maybe they changed the booking system ? I don’t mind going back to Japan again !

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