Lake Ashi Cruise @ Hakone, Japan

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Hakone Japan

Lake Ashi (芦ノ湖) is a gorgeous lake with Mount Fuji as a backdrop.  When the weather is right, the snow-capped Mount Fuji, bright red torii gate, glowing pirate ships on glistening waters make it absolutely  bewitching.


Lake Ashi 23

Lake Ashi 10
The Lake Ashi Cruise (箱根海賊船) is popular for tourists as you can see from loads of people disembarking the ship that we were about to board.  We had to wait for about an hour plus before it was our turn.  Indoor waiting was available so it wasn’t too bad in the cold weather.

Lake Ashi 11 Lake Ashi 19
Quite a magnificent ship really.  Lavish and glamorous in striking colors of gold and red.

Lake Ashi 18  Lake Ashi 16
The ship is pirate-themed so you see a few “pirate” statues on the ship, so it adds on the fun on the cruise – seeing beautiful Mount Fuji while sailing with pirates on a dazzling ship!
Lake Ashi 20

Lake Ashi 21
Viewing Mount Fuji from Lake Ashii is the most spectacular and breathtaking!

Lake Ashi 2

Lake Ashi 8
When you are done with the cruise, take some time to stroll along the lakeside area as I think it is remarkable too.  Despite it being winter when all the leaves have fallen off, the woods present another form of immaculate, unsoiled and barren beauty.  Enjoy more photos below 🙂

More Info
Hakone Sight Seeing Cruise Official Website
Cruise leaves from three different ports Hakone-Machi, Moto-Hakone Port, Togendai Port every 40 minutes from 20th Mar – 30th Nov, and every 50 minutes during the winter.
Admission Fee: 1460 yen for adults.  (I would recommend to get the Hakone Free Pass as the fees are inclusive in the pass).

  Lake Ashi 22Lake Ashi 28Lake Ashi 15Lake Ashi 14Lake Ashi 13Lake Ashi 12Lake Ashi 6Lake Ashi 9Lake Ashi 24Lake Ashi 25Lake Ashi 5Lake Ashi 1Lake Ashi 4

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  1. Island Traveler

    A breathtaking place where everything is possible. The cruise ship not only takes you to a place of wonder, but it is a wonder in itself. Beautiful carvings and colors. Fu, fun, fun.

    1. KJ @

      Quite a magical place really – especially when the lighting is right, everything seems to glisten!

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