Hakone Open Air Museum @ Japan

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Hakone Japan

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The Hakone Open Air Museum (彫刻の森美術館) is the first of its kind in Japan since 1969, displaying splendid art pieces and statues in a fantastic 70,000 m2 outdoor space. I love this idea because the museum uses four seasons as a backdrop to display artwork and I would imagine it would have a completely different outlook during the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter.   One of my personal favorite is the Symphonic Sculpture, a kaleidoscopic tower embellished with stained glass with spiraling staircase down the middle.   It’s a small tower full of life, beaming with rainbow colors and it immediately gives you a joyous smile when you step into the tower.   It’s a little something atypical of stained glass where they are mostly seen in churches like Saint Chapelle (in Paris) where the atmosphere is usually more solemn and sacred.   

Hakone-Open-air-museum 42
Here’s a few more pieces of artwork – The Intersecting Space of Construction with lots of men and women galloping in unison.

Hakone-Open-air-museum 38
Miss Black Power.

Hakone-Open-air-museum 17
The Sfera Con Stera, which looks like something that came out of Transformers.

Hakone-Open-air-museum 9
The peeping lady (me).

Hakone-Open-air-museum 41
Grande Racconto.
  Hakone-Open-air-museum 6
La Pleureuse.

Hakone-Open-air-museum 5
Powerful Mass.

Hakone-Open-air-museum 38
Planking guy.

Hakone-Open-air-museum 40
The Boxing Ones.

Hakone-Open-air-museum 26
The Lego-like Woods of Net, which would have been a wonderful adventure for kids!

Hakone-Open-air-museum 22
My Skye Hole.

Hakone-Open-air-museum 13
Man & Pegasus.

Hakone-Open-air-museum 3
Eggs for breakfast anyone?

Hakone-Open-air-museum 29
The Picasso pavilion which houses more than 300 pieces of Picasso’s master pieces.

Hakone Open Air Museum Floor Plan
Check out Hakone Open Air Museum’s floor plan and more art work here (image credit to Hakone Open Air Museum).

Contact Info
Address: Ninotaira, Hakone-Town, Kanagawa-Prefecture, 250-0493 Japan
Tel: 0460-82-1161 Fax: 0460-82-1169

Hakone Open Air Museum Official Website
Getting to Hakone Open Air Museu & Access Map
Opening Hours: Daily 9am – 5pm
Admission Fee: 1600 Yen for adults, 1100 Yen for college & high school students and senior citizens.  800 Yen for children.

Enjoy more photos below 🙂




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