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For an ultimate “ryokan” experience, we stayed at Ryokan Funamisou (舟見莊旅館) at the Kinugawa area (鬼怒川) of Nikko (日光) .  Ryokans are inns that originated from the Edo period.  Traditional Japanese tatami floors and sliding doors are typical features of a ryokan.  Meals are often inclusive in the stay.   

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Ryokan Funamisou is set amidst of tranquil and serene nature, with rooms over looking the Kinugawa river.

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Our room is sunny, meticulous and spacious.  The tatami floors had the futon bedding laid out readily when we arrived.  The little table aside is where we enjoyed our daily tea.

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I love the design of a semi open space where a separate seating area can be open or closed depending on your preference.  It’s a nice little spot during winter as the area is warm and cozy.

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The wonderful balcony looks out to a picturesque scenery that is so peaceful and so still without hardly any other buildings around the area.

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The hotel from afar.

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Both of our breakfast and dinner were inclusive in our stay.  It would be advisable because there isn’t any other restaurants around within walking distances.  The meals are so impressive until today I still think about it.  One of my best meals in Japan.

The dinner set arrived with the freshest sashimi with amai ebi, tuna and hamachi.  I thought  that was all but more food followed.

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Light, crispy tempura,  grilled prawns and crusty grilled fish with salt followed.  We could taste the original taste of everything here because the seasoning was minimal, but enough to bring out the flavors of the food.

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We were so stuffed and delighted to enjoy our meal.  Look at Gary’s face of contentment!

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The tables were thoughtfully set with our names.

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There isn’t much to do around the hotel.  No pubs, no beers and no crowds.  We stayed two nights at Funamisou (wished we could have stayed more) and every day, we enjoyed walking pass the little primary school that’s next to the ryokan.

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Our biggest entertainment and our daily routine is to visit the sundry that’s a few minutes walk away from the ryokan.

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Curious at what kind of groceries the little shop could offer and also to salivate over the sashimi!!

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Fumanisou also has a soothing onsen separated for ladies and gents.  Change into the yukata and enjoy the onsen and scenery!  The scenery is quite similar to what you would see from our room – hills and rivers.  The only small set back is that the space has some wires (for safety reasons perhaps) that hinders the views a little.

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We loved everything at Funamisou.  The room, the food, the service, the serenity, and the view.  The view is even more stunning in the morning where everything seems to glisten! Our stay at Fumaisou was the most memorable one among all our stays in Japan.

More Info
Ryokan Funamisou Website
Address: RYOKAN FUNAMISOU, 2 Ohara, Kinugawa Onsen, Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture, 321-2552, Japan.

Directions: Take the train from Shinjuku Station to Kosagoe Station at Kinugawa Onsen, Niko.  Ryokan Funamisou is 10 minutes walk from the station.  More info at Japanbooking.ino .




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