Sitiawan Seafood @ Laut Villa Restaurant, Malaysia

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Malaysia Pangkor Island / Sitiawan Perak

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We could not give awesome Sitiawan seafood a miss on our way back to Ipoh from Pangkor.  We drove along the main road on Kampung Cina amidst of so many seafood restaurants, we decided to give Laut Villa Restaurant a try.  And how did we come to that decision? Because there were loads of cars parked outside the restaurant compared to the others so we guessed this is probably the famous one around.  

Our first dish – prawns smothered in sweet soy sauce is scrumptious with the slightly sticky soy sauce evenly coating the crunchy shells (RM16).

sitiawan-seafood-laut-villa 8
The grouper fish is aptly steamed with a sprinkle of spring onions, sliced ginger and chili to accentuate the freshness.  Thinking that it is probably a bit expensive since it’s a grouper, but no, it’s only RM 21!

sitiawan-seafood-laut-villa 7 sitiawan-seafood-laut-villa 6
Normally, sea crabs are harder to keep fresh as they don’t stay alive for too long compared to mud crabs, and tend to be very “fishy”.    Our black pepper sea crab (RM20) is fiery and amazingly fresh.  The freshest sea crab I have tasted so far.

sitiawan-seafood-laut-villa 3
Coconut juice is refreshing after a long day on Pangkor Island.

sitiawan-seafood-laut-villa 2
Oh, and remember to try the local made chili sauce – Kg Koh Chili Suace !

sitiawan-seafood-laut-villa 1
The restaurant’s interior.

sitiawan-seafood-laut-villa 9Seafood at Laut Villa is delightful and a bargain too! The only thing that we missed out is the “coconut flower wine”, something I’ve been craving for ages and kept bugging Gary to go to Sitiawan for.  But it was unfortunately unavailable during our visit so the craving is still there and I will have to find a day to go back there again 🙂

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Laut Villa Restaurant Contact
Address: No. 384 Kampung Cina, 32000 Sitiawan, Perak
Tel: 019 574-5918
Opening Hours : 12pm – 10pm.  Closed on Wednesdays.




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