The Dutch Fort @ Pangkor Island, Malaysia

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Malaysia Pangkor Island / Sitiawan Perak

Dutch-fortress-pangkor-island 2
The Dutch Fort or “Kota Belanda” in Malay, on Pangkor Island was first built by the Dutch in 1670’s as a base for tin storage and also as a protection ground for themselves.  The locals being dissatisfied with the Dutch holding monopoly in tin trade, launched the first attack in 1690 but to find that the fort was rebuilt with re-enforced guarding.  It was the second attack in 1743 that forced the Dutch to leave.    

Today, the Dutch Fort that we see is a reconstructed version and it remains quietly just by the sea.  It seems so undisturbed with its small landscape garden, weathered bricks and I can’t quite link it to battles and a place for struggle of power some 300 years ago.

There’s some shops nearby for souvenir shopping.  The most interesting one is the “traditional medicine store”.  It’s a small store with astonishing things – dried snakes, dried lizards and some pills and topical oils made of I-don’t-know-what….

A peaceful little place to visit if you are on Pangkor Island.

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