Pangkor Fish Satay Factory – Hai Seng Hin @ Pangkor Island, Malaysia

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Malaysia Pangkor Island / Sitiawan Perak

The fish satay factory in Pangkor Island, Hai Seng Hin (海成兴沙爹渔场),  is a nice place to do a bit of souvenir and snack shopping.  

pangkor-fish-satay-factory 4
The store’s speciality is the fish satay on sticks and other fishy snacks like prawn crackers,

pangkor-fish-satay-factory 5
fish crackers,

pangkor-fish-satay-factory 7
dried & shredded cuttlefish (aka “sotong”),

IMG_4816 IMG_4815
and more cuttlefish, to be specific, the baby ones.  The two pictures above are baby cuttlefish heads that are a bit cheaper than the body-only cuttlefish as they are tougher in texture (RM 7 for 100g) .

pangkor-fish-satay-factory 16
The baby cuttlefish with just the body in spicy flavor (RM8 for 100g).

pangkor-fish-satay-factory 10
pangkor-fish-satay-factory 14
You’ll find everyday cooking ingredients here like dried anchovies, aka ikan bilis,

pangkor-fish-satay-factory 6 pangkor-fish-satay-factory 12 pangkor-fish-satay-factory 11 pangkor-fish-satay-factory 15
and all kinds of salted fish, big or small.  They are not exactly the healthiest things to eat, but they do add fantastic flavors to stir fries.

pangkor-fish-satay-factory 13
Some of the rarer seafood items are found here too like the sea cucumbers,

pangkor-fish-satay-factory 8
fish swim bladders (aka fish maws),

pangkor-fish-satay-factory 9
and dried oysters.  These are less common in our daily meals, but these things are the star ingredients during Chinese New Year reunion dinners & lunches.

pangkor-fish-satay-factory 1
pangkor-fish-satay-factory 2pangkor-fish-satay-factory 3
All the items are available from various souvenir shops on the Island, mostly located near the jetty, but I find the satay factory right by the sea with small villages around it (and the big octopus!) rather charming 🙂  

Contact Info
Hai Seng Heng Fish Satay Factory Website
Address: 200A Sungai Pinang Kecil, 32300 Pulau Pangkor, Perak, Malaysia.
Tel: +605 685 1111



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