Hotel Review: Shangrila Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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Shangrila Kuala Lumpur is a classic luxury hotel that is subtly lavish with the most affable staff, starting with the doorman, and through out our stay, be it receptionist or restaurant staff.  The location is superb, right in the middle of KL city.      

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The hotel is striking with its golden interior, magnificent marble walls and gleaming chandeliers.  And with melodies from the piano not too far away, it is calming and soothing.  

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The center piece is an awesome bouquet of  blooming “allium” flowers in lovely purple.  The flowers come with an explanation at the base of the vase about its origin.  It’s in the lily family, same family as the garlic and onions.  Yes – you read it correct, in the same pungent family of garlic and onions.  Never thought the flowers would be so beautiful!

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The cozy lounge area perfect for hi-tea or a glass of wine.

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The room is elegantly earth-toned with mahogany, crimson interior and the overall golden theme is within the room as well.

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I love this charming arm-chair by the huge panel of window with a splendid view of Petronas Twin Towers,  a good place to, well, do nothing if you wish.

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Usually the working table and dressing table are two in one, but in Shangrila, the two come as separate entities, so each can get their personal space according to the needs.

Shangrila-Hotel-Kuala-Lumpur 17
Curiosity is in human nature so I pretty much checked out what’s in all the cupboards –   Neatly arranged glasses stuffed with napkins, ice bucket,

Shangrila-Hotel-Kuala-Lumpur 14
tea/coffee making facility,

Shangrila-Hotel-Kuala-Lumpur 15
mini bar,

Shangrila-Hotel-Kuala-Lumpur 12
and the extra pillows and blanket nicely packed in the closet.
   Shangrila-Hotel-Kuala-Lumpur 9Shangrila-Hotel-Kuala-Lumpur 10
Even the bathroom has that golden feel with the lights.  Notice that handle around the sink ? A thoughtful creation to hang the hand towels instead of them lying around the sink.

Shangrila-Hotel-Kuala-Lumpur 8
Bathroom amenities.

Shangrila-Hotel-Kuala-Lumpur 20
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Although right smack in the center of the city, Shangrila has its garden to help you unwind in greens & ponds, and you actually forget that you are in the concrete jungle part of KL.

Shangrila-Hotel-Kuala-Lumpur 21Shangrila-Hotel-Kuala-Lumpur 29
The landscape garden reminds of Chateau Verasailles in France.

Shangrila-Hotel-Kuala-Lumpur 29
Here’s a few more photos from other parts of the hotel:  the seating area on the 1st floor,

Shangrila-Hotel-Kuala-Lumpur 35
the pool,

Shangrila-Hotel-Kuala-Lumpur 34Shangrila-Hotel-Kuala-Lumpur 33
the corridors,

Shangrila-Hotel-Kuala-Lumpur 32
the lift (yes, even the lift is golden…!)

Shangrila-Hotel-Kuala-Lumpur 36
Essence Vale beauty parlour,

Shangrila-Hotel-Kuala-Lumpur 37
the health club with gym + spa,

Shangrila-Hotel-Kuala-Lumpur 31
and, finally for a bit of shopping, the souvenir shop.

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Contact Info
Shangrila Kuala Lumpur Website
Address: 11 Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, 50250 Malaysia.
Tel: +603 2032 2399




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