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Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Chili Pan Mee @ Kin Kin Restaurant, KL, Malaysia

chilli-pan-mee-kin-kin-kl 3
We chanced up on Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee (建记辣椒板面) as we were randomly looking for food in KL after checking out from Shangri-La Hotel, thanks to our GPS .  Apparently, it is famous in KL, judging by the amount of people at an off-peak hour at 2pm.

chilli-pan-mee-kin-kin-kl 4
The noodles are a little different from the usual pan mee.  They are rounder, drier and slightly chewier than the usual ones.  The noodles are a tad dry on their own, but if you break the perfectly poached egg, let the yolk ooze in, together with the crunchy anchovies, flavorful minced pork, the pan mee is simply delectable in its original flavor.

chilli-pan-mee-kin-kin-kl 1
Since it is a “chili pan mee restaurant”, the chili of course is the signature.

chilli-pan-mee-kin-kin-kl 5
The chili is exceedingly spicy, two table spoons should be enough to give you the smokey, fiery flavor, full of chili essence.

chilli-pan-mee-kin-kin-kl 6
The pan mee’s inseparable leafy vegetable comes in a separate bowl of egg drop soup.

chilli-pan-mee-kin-kin-kl 2
The pork balls and fish balls are bite sized, and are good things to nibble on while waiting for the pan mee to arrive.

chilli-pan-mee-kin-kin-kl 7
Pan mee noodles in the making.

chilli-pan-mee-kin-kin-kl 10
The very busy pan mee work station – we waited for a good 15 minutes for a simple bowl of pan mee, but it’s worth it.

chilli-pan-mee-kin-kin-kl 8
An entertaining excerpt from the wall.

chilli-pan-mee-kin-kin-kl 11
The restaurant’s interior – the usual coffee-shop style.

chilli-pan-mee-kin-kin-kl 12
The chili pan mee (RM6) at Kin Kin is slightly price-y for pan mee, but the poached egg adds value to the noodles given how flawless it is done, so I think the overall price is ok.  Service is your typical coffee-shop service, which really means not too much service; just find your own place to sit and wait for the staff to bring your food.  But it’s a the kind of place that people would have cravings for, so I will be back every now and then to enjoy a spicy kick.    

Contact Info
Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee
Address: 6 Jalan Perubatan 4, Taman Pandan Indah, Pandan Indah, 56100 KL.
Opening Hours: Tues – Sun 8am – 7pm.  Closed on Sundays.

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