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Ipoh Malaysia

It’s all about the noodles at Tuck Kee Restaurant (德記茶餐室) in Ipoh.  With more than 50 years of expertise, Tuck Kee never fails to put up a plate of delicious hor fun, bee hoon, or Hokkien “dai loke meen”.  Consistency, intense “wok hei” and pork lard are key ingredients that bring patrons back for more. 

Restaurant-tuck-kee-noodles-ipoh 7

With springy noodles, lightly charred shrimps and crisp vegetables,  the Hokkien “dai loke meen”, aka big fat noodles is the signature dish in the restaurant.

Restaurant-tuck-kee-noodles-ipoh 9
Another favorite, the soupy “wat tan hor”, with lightly seared noodles is appealing and full of “wok aroma”.

Restaurant-tuck-kee-noodles-ipoh 3
Other than the noodles, there are also a few side dishes at Tuck Kee, such as baby octopus, pork balls, bean sprouts and braised chicken feet.  The baby octopus in soy sauce (RM10) is  a dish that we always order.  Simple preparation of blanching the freshest octopus bring out the unaltered sweetness and crunch of the octopus.  Don’t forget to dip the octopus into the chilli+peanut sauce that comes with dish for extra flavor.

Restaurant-tuck-kee-noodles-ipoh 11
Braised chicken feet (RM5, small)  is succulent and melts in your mouth.

Restaurant-tuck-kee-noodles-ipoh 1
The pork balls (RM3, small) are springy to the touch and I almost feel like throwing a piece of pork ball on the floor and see how it bounces!

Restaurant-tuck-kee-noodles-ipoh 8
The bean sprouts (RM3, small) are fat and juicy as all the bean sprouts are in Ipoh.  Since Ipoh is the home of the famous “bean sprout chicken”, it would be unlikely to  encounter any skinny bean sprouts.

Restaurant-tuck-kee-noodles-ipoh 16

Restaurant-tuck-kee-noodles-ipoh 15
The business at Tuck Kee is good, as you can see from the tables that spill on to the road.  Sometimes we go during off-peak hours like 9pm on weekdays and we still have to wait.

Restaurant-tuck-kee-noodles-ipoh 12
There used to be only a simple menu board all in Chinese hanging on the wall.

Restaurant-tuck-kee-noodles-ipoh 13 Restaurant-tuck-kee-noodles-ipoh 14
But now they’ve come up with laminated menus for easy ordering.  Visual aids will help the first timers for ordering!

If you are a noodle fan, noodles at Tuck Kee should not be missed 🙂

More Info
Address: 61 Jalan Yau Tet Shin, 30300 Ipoh, Perak Malaysia.
Tel: +605 2537513

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