Jose & Deli Eatery @ Ipoh (French Hotel)

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Ipoh Malaysia

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Jose & Deli Eatery, an all-day dining restaurant in Ipoh that opens from 8 am -10 pm for hungry souls, situated on the first floor of French Hotel.  The culinary experience starts before you even enter the eatery.  You will start feeling the fun as you go up the stairs, seeing the chandeliers composed of green wine bottle.   

Jose-deli-eatery-ipoh 33Jose-deli-eatery-ipoh 36Jose-deli-eatery-ipoh 35The first floor seating area is characterized by a delightful, bright space, thanks to the 2-storey-high ceiling-to-floor glass panels.

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As you enter the restaurant, you venture into an eclectic space, a bit American-ish with a light, industrial theme.

Jose-deli-eatery-ipoh 25
Jose-deli-eatery-ipoh 32
Before being lead to our table, we passed by a coffee bar, so we are already expecting good coffee, then finally reaching the dinning space with contrasting yellow chairs, and stripey, red & blue plush cushions.

Jose-deli-eatery-ipoh 3
Jose-deli-eatery-ipoh 24
Phew! That was quite a lot of excitement to register before we finally sat down to order our meal!

Jose-deli-eatery-ipoh 17Jose-deli-eatery-ipoh 18
Gary ordered the spicy grilled chicken from the set lunch menu (RM19), which came with tea and dessert.  Just mildly spicy, fragrant with herbs, this juicy piece of meat is a treat!

Jose-deli-eatery-ipoh 20
I ordered the classic fish & chips (RM25) which I thought was just alright.  The coating is too egg-y and too moist, as opposed to the crisp outer layer I prefer.  The French fries are good though.

Jose-deli-eatery-ipoh 21
The black forest cake that came with Gary’s set lunch is semi-sweet, moist and drizzled with chocolate sauce.  Scrumptious !

Jose-deli-eatery-ipoh 1
Our drinks – coffee & tea.

Jose-deli-eatery-ipoh 19
Here’s Jose & Deli Eatery’s set lunch menu @ RM 19 per set.  The other items on the menu are a little pricey (for Ipoh), it’s more like KL pricing, but affordable.  Starters start at about RM 20, while main courses are at RM25 to RM50.

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Jose-deli-eatery-ipoh 28
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It’s a bit of an “adventure” at Jose & Deli Eatery actually, with segregated and unique spaces and wandering around a bit is a must.  There’s a mini grocery with nuts, jams, beverages and shopping bags,

Jose-deli-eatery-ipoh 7 Jose-deli-eatery-ipoh 12 Jose-deli-eatery-ipoh 11 Jose-deli-eatery-ipoh 6
a fragrant space with vanilla candles, mini-cacti and dining-ware,

Jose-deli-eatery-ipoh 13
Jose-deli-eatery-ipoh 29
and other cozy seating areas you will discover along the way.

Jose-deli-eatery-ipoh 10
Jose-deli-eatery-ipoh 26
Jose-deli-eatery-ipoh 14
Lots of  zebras and horsies here and there that add a bit of quirky-ness to the eatery.
Jose-deli-eatery-ipoh 38
Love the ambiance at Jose & Deli Eatery, will be back again to try other items on the menu!

Jose & Deli Contact
Address : 60-62 Jalan Datao Onn Jaafar Ipoh, Perak 30300, Malaysia (inside French Hotel).
Tel: + 05 2413 712





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