The Sands Bistro & Cafe @ Kinta Riverfront, Ipoh

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Ipoh Malaysia

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The Sands Bistro & Cafe is a new restaurant in Ipoh that is wonderfully located at the river walk @ Kinta Riverfront.  The restaurant serves a whole range of food including barbecue, western food, Italian food, Taiwanese food and steamboat, so you get everything under one roof.    

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We went to The Sands for an after dinner drink, but I was enticed by this big, fat, flaming aubergine, and decided to order a few barbecue sticks for ourselves.

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Our small plate of barbecue with chicken and enokitake mushroom + bacon.  Lightly charred and heavy on the pepper.

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The barbecue sticks are ready-made and kept in the refrigerator.  The smaller sticks are 5 pieces for RM 6, just the right size for snacks and tidbits to go with beer.

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There’s also other items like seafood, sausages, chicken wings and pork fillet.

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The grilling station.
 sands-bistro-cafe-ipoh 11sands-bistro-cafe-ipoh 12
sands-bistro-cafe-kinta-riverfront-ipoh 7The dining atmosphere at The Sands is top-notch, and there’s really no other place like it in Ipoh.  Where else in Ipoh do you get to sit by the riverbank, enjoy the cool breeze, underneath sparkling colors of gem-studded neon trees?

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The night scene at Kinta Riverfront is awesome!

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One of the things I gotta try is the table shown in the picture above.  How should I call it? A rocking table? A swinging table? The whole structure rocks back and forth, kind of like a swinging cradle with a push from your legs.  It was full house on that night, so gotta try it next time.

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The live band mostly sings songs from the 90’s, oldies and some are even way before my time.  Even if you are not eating in the restaurant, you hear the songs along the riverbank and it’s all very unwinding.  

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Here’s a few pages from The Sands Bistro & Cafe menu.  The price seems reasonable.

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sands-bistro-cafe-ipoh 13
Love the atmosphere at The Sands Bistro & Cafe.  I didn’t get to try too many things on the menu, but I will be back again for dinner and more drinks 🙂 

More Info
The Sands Bistro & Cafe
Address: Jalan Lim Bo Seng, 30000 Ipoh, Perak (near Kinta Riverfront Hotel) 




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