Lavender Farm @ Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

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Cameron Highlands Malaysia

lavender garden @ Cameron highlands 8
The Lavender Garden is the latest addition to the multitude of farms in Cameron Highlands.  As we drive along the road, it is impossible to miss this impressive sea of flowers and possibly the most massive one too in Cameron Highlands.   

lavender garden @ Cameron highlands 46
lavender garden @ Cameron highlands 41 lavender garden @ Cameron highlands 42
lavender garden @ Cameron highlands 6 lavender garden @ Cameron highlands 4
The flowers are blooming at their fullest and it is absolutely mesmerizing.

lavender garden @ Cameron highlands 28
lavender garden @ Cameron highlands 31
lavender garden @ Cameron highlands 32
The garden is built based on the theme of a dreamy happy land with the castle and angels.

lavender garden @ Cameron highlands 37
lavender garden @ Cameron highlands 35
Whereas these arches and letter boxes resemble happiness, love, friendship and good health.

lavender garden @ Cameron highlands 39
lavender garden @ Cameron highlands 13
lavender garden @ Cameron highlands 21 lavender garden @ Cameron highlands 11
lavender garden @ Cameron highlands 10
lavender garden @ Cameron highlands 20
A nice little hill full of morning glories.  Who would have thought morning glories would look so gorgeous in great quantities?

lavender garden @ Cameron highlands 33
lavender garden @ Cameron highlands 25
Strawberry being one of the most abundant produce of Cameron Highlands, it is no surprise that the lavender garden has their own strawberry farm too.  I noticed that the strawberries here are planted slightly different from the other farms.  They are planted in a tube of soil instead of individual pots.  Latest technology maybe?

lavender garden @ Cameron highlands 27 lavender garden @ Cameron highlands 26
lavender garden @ Cameron highlands 18
The garden also has a hydroponic farm, growing butterhead lettuce, red corals and green corals.  And only RM 10 for 3 pieces!

lavender garden @ Cameron highlands 14
Oh, and there’s a small patch of land growing pumpkins too! Now this really reminds me of Smurf Village!

lavender garden @ Cameron highlands 24 lavender garden @ Cameron highlands 22
At the end of the strawberry farm, you can see an array of beautiful chrysanthemum flowers afar.  Unfortunately this part of the farm is not accessible to visitors.

lavender garden @ Cameron highlands 30
As the garden is still very new, some of the facilities like the cafe, souvenir shop are not open yet.  Certain parts of the garden are still a little barren.  Imagine how pretty the leafy wall would have been with flourishing flowers? But I do look forward to coming back to this lavender garden again, and hopefully it will be even more fantastic!

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More Info
Tel:  +605 4961 208.
Website:  (the website is there, but no information in it as of 20/2/13)
Entrance Fee: RM 5 per person.
Address:  Lot UT/KT/K22 Tringkap, 39100 Cameron Highlands, Pahang.




    1. KJ

      Hi sorry for the late reply, I thought I replied but looks like I didnt! if you are coming from Simpang Pulai, you will see the Cameron Valley Tea Plantation before it. If you are coming from Tapah, you will see bee farm and butterfly farm before it. It’s pretty obvious on the main road so I don’t think you will miss it 🙂

  1. Dian

    Hi. I’m organizing a trip to Cameron Highland this mid of April and I’m interested in going to the lavender farm for my school trip. Is there any way I can contact the person in charge to inform him/her about the trip? Thank you very much.

    1. KJ

      Hi there, I am sorry that I don’t have the person in charge’s number. The farm is big, with the lower section for flowers, upper section for strawberries and hydroponic farming, so it should be able to cater to your group. Hope that helps. Enjoy your trip.

    1. Jas

      Hi KJ! So, did u check it out? May I know when is the best time to visit? The best time of blooming of lavender? Please let me know! Thanks ;))))

      1. KJ @

        Hi Jas. Sorry I can’t advise you on that one. I called the management office to find out but the girl that answered the phone didn’t to be too sure about the blooming time either. Perhaps you can give them a call yourself to make sure, their number is 05 4961 208. Call them to avoid disappointment 🙂

    1. KJ

      Hi there. If you are referring to the bloom of flowers as “nice time”, I am not quite sure as there isn’t too much info on the website. But a visitor to my website has provided the management office @ 05 4961208 so you can call and find out.

  2. GM

    Helllo! Could you kindly let me knows which is the best season to visit this farm? I would like to see laverder flowers, could I see its end of September? Thanks!

    1. KJ @

      Hi there. i don’t know the best season. It’s best you contact the lavender farm’s office (number provided at the end of the blog post). The flowers always seem to be blooming every time I past by the farm in the period of february – august , so perhaps they will still be blooming by the end of sept.

  3. Gayan Jayalath


    I want to gain some experience on growing hydroponic cultivation, specially on lettuce cultivation. Currently we are growing iceberg lettuce by using coconut coir dust grow bags. Could you please help me to improve my farm with new technology…

  4. joyce

    Hi there.I hate to point this out but those r not actual lavenders. I believe they r mona lavenders n not actual lavanders grown in western countries. those lavenders u featured have nothing to do with the actual herb lavender.

    1. KJ @ Post author

      Hi Joyce. Yes I am aware of that. They are definitely not the kinds typically seen in say, Provence in France. The nursery is called “Lavender Farm”; the flowers are some sort of lavender but I wasn’t sure which kind at the point of writing, so I have just referred to them as lavender.

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