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Peng Tau Restaurant (兵头海鲜茶餐室) is the neighborhood’s favorite “Dai Chow” place that serves speedy food, smoking-hot right off the wok, in Pasir Puteh area of Ipoh. 

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Their signature dish – the steamed fish is extremely popular and I can easily see why (RM41, varies depending on the weight).  The fish is fleshy, steamed precisely to maintain the tenderness and not overcooking it.   There is not one single table without the fish as you walk pass them.

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The kung pao chicken in sweet soy sauce has beautiful amalgamation of spices – ginger, scallions, onion and dried chilli.  A perfect dish to go with rice.

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The sweet and sour pork ribs have additional bits of minced garlic to give the dish an extra kick (RM 10).

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Mixed vegetables (RM8) are sumptuous  with a lovely blend of textures.  The al dente lady’s fingers, petai peas + long beans and mushy egg plant are especially mouth-watering with sambal belacan. To top off, deep fried baby shrimps are  added for extra aroma and a crunchy texture.

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Simple stir-fried kai lan vegetable (RM 5).

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Peng Tau Restaurant is always packed even during weekdays.  So be there early to save the wait to enjoy their value for money meal!

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More Info
27 Jalan Bunga Raya 6, Taman Boon Bak, 31650 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia



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