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Restaurant Goon Wah‘s (冠華魚頭米粉) famous fish head bee hoon has a fancy and imperial Chinese name – 首创XO魚頭米皇 – Original Royal XO Fish Head Bee Hoon.  I want to eat that just by the sound of it!  

Restaurant Goon Wah @ Kuchai Lama 1The fish head bee hoon (RM 13, Small) comes in a big clay-pot, definitely value for money.  Even the smallest pot is enough for two.  The fish has a crisp outer layer and it’s not oily despite that it’s been deep fried. The soup is sweet & sour, and less creamy, milky compared to other fish head bee hoon soup.  The addition of yam cubes is unusual but I think it’s there to compensate for the less creamy texture to the soup.  If the soup had been creamier, the addition of yams would have made the dish too rich.

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The noodles seem to be home-made as I haven’t encounter this type of noodles elsewhere.  In terms of size, it is smaller than “lau shu fen” (aka mouse noodle) yet bigger than rice noodles.  Quite refreshing to try a different kind of noodle.

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While the fish head bee hoon is the one getting all the fame in Goon Wah, I actually prefer the “lau shu fen”, which also has a fancy name in Chinese – 宝盒老鼠粉 (RM9, small).  The name translates to “treasure box noodles”.  How aptly named indeed! The “lau shu fen” arrived in flames, atop of a wooden pedestal where I would like to imagine the ingredients as treasures – silver (lau shu fen, also known as silver needle noodle), gold (deep fried shrimps), black pearl (minced meat with soy sauce) and jade (green scallions).

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The best part about this dish is that you get to cook it a bit yourself, mixing all the ingredients together.  The taste is fantastic as the soy sauce from the minced meat caramalizes, browning the noodles and making the dish sizzling in aroma.

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The side dish we ordered- intestine with shrimps (RM15, small) -is unique because it didn’t come as part of a dish, like part of pork noodle or pork porridge, but stood well as a dish on it’s  own.  The intestine has no funny innard smell, and  has an incredible crunchy texture, almost like eating fresh ika (raw squid in Japanese cuisine).  It is delicious and bursting with flavors thanks to the deep fried shrimps and chilli.

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A lot of things seem to be home-made here – even the lime juice.

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Goon Wah doesn’t have a menu as everything they have is already on the wall, including the famous fish head bee hoon, treasure box lou shu fen, stewed pork with buns, stout chicken wings, Pattaya tofu, baked lamb in red wine, Jiang Nan noodles and ABC (ice kacang).

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The simple seating area.

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I enjoyed the food and friendly service at Goon Wah. I hear it gets extremely packed during lunch time so be there early if you can.

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More Info
Restaurant Goon Wah
Address: G13 & 14, Jalan 3/115C, Block KP 2, Taman Kuchai Jaya, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 7982 0048
Operating Hours: 8am – 3pm.  Monday – Friday.  Closed on weekends for catering.



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