Getting to the Airport by Airport Shuttle @ Paris France

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Airport Shuttle @ Paris France

Luckily, we found ourselves an airport shuttle – Navette Aeroport on the way back home from Paris.    The two of us had a total of 6 luggage and it would have been too tiring to haul them around, going up and down stair cases, changing stations at the metro system!

Navette-Aeroport provides shared shuttle service to the airport.  Depending on when and which part of Paris you are leaving from, it should take around 40 minutes to 1 hour to get to the airport (or more during peak hours).

Our flight was on a Sunday, so there wasn’t too much traffic so we calculated our time for  40 minutes to reach the airport.  We were the first couple to be picked up and we didn’t take into consideration that a few people were picked up along the way so by the time we reached the airport, it was 1.5 hours before our flight departure.  It was extremely tight for us to do the VAT tax refund, queue up at the ticket counter, go through security and customs.  But we made it on time, went through everything and even had about 10 minutes to shop at duty-free before boarding!  So you might want to plan for extra time to get to the airport if you are using the shared shuttle.

The cost was amazingly reasonable – 20 euros for the two of us.  If you ask the hotel to call, they usually will take a commission and it ends up more than 20 euros.  The receptionist at Hotel Du Nord called for us and didn’t take any commission (thanks!).

Here is Navette Aeroport‘s Official Website.  There’s also another website- Navette Aeroport Paris which you can use to look up various airport shuttle companies in Paris.



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