Holding the Louvre’s Pyramids @ Your Fingertips @ Paris France. Day 13 (I)

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We visited the Louvre  on day 3.  Having too much to see and absorb, besides the artwork, we only managed to see the inverted and the stone pyramid and were too tired to see the big pyramids outside. (The inverted pyramid is supposed to be a symbol of chalice and Mary Magdelene is supposedly buried underneath the stone pyramid in The Da Vinci Code).   

Pyramids @ the Louvre Paris 4

We made another trip back to the Louvre just to check out the pyramids outside.  It was a fantastic hangout place.  The fountains, the people, the modern and the old all came together.

Then, we noticed people were acting funny around us.  Standing on to  blocks and sticking their arms out.

Some guy was sticking his @$$ out….

Pyramids @ the Louvre Paris 2
Then, I realized, this must be the kind of picture all those people were trying to take – creating the effect of holding the pyramid by your fingertips!

Pyramids @ the Louvre Paris 1 Pyramids @ the Louvre Paris 3
We had awesome fun taking the photos too!




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