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France Provence

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Le Waux Hall was the restaurant that lured us in, with its lovely ambiance and table set up.  Without looking at the menu at all, we sat down hungrily to order.     

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My salmon with rice (16 euros) was good.  The overall dish used parsley throughout – the cream sauce was parsley based, rice and carrots were both seasoned with parsley.  The salmon was fresh, served hot with crisp skin and perfect with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.  The salmon could have been seasoned with a  little  more salt, but was flavorful enough with the addition of cream sauce.   The carrots were the most well seasoned part of the dish, aptly grilled with generous amount of oil, parsley and were done really well.

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The rice was a little undercooked.  Perhaps it’s common practice in France to undercook the rice a little because the risotto at Cafe de L’Ormeau (Lourmarin) was undercooked too.

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The Italian salad (14 euros) we shared was excellent with an appetizing presentation.  The combination was perfect as the salty ham went really well with cheese, which was fragrant with a neutral flavor.  Loved the addition of sun-dried tomatoes.

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Spaghetti usually would be one of the safest thing to order on a menu.  Gary’s spaghetti (13 euros) turned out to be disappointing.  The meat sauce was  blend and meager.

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Here is more of Le Waux Hall’s menu.

The meal was pleasant for me as I liked the salmon and salad.  Maybe not as pleasant for Gary as he had to bear with his spaghetti.  I wouldn’t mind to go back to Le Waux Hall again to try other things.  And just a last note, bring mosquito repellent along as you dine out for dinner (in Arles in general).  There was an unbelievable amount of hungry mosquitoes having us as a meal while we were having ours!

More Info
Le Waux Hall Official Website
Address: 8, boulevard des Lices – 13200 ARLES, FRANCE
Phone: +33 4 90 93 87 19
Email: [email protected]
Opens Daily for lunch and dinner.




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