Lourmarin Village @ Luberon, France. Day 7 (III)

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France Provence

Lourmarin Village 15
Lourmarin is a charming little village to wonder around – with the vine-walls, fountains here and there, and the lovely castle that’s open to the public.  Somehow it feels a little bit more modern than the other villages, such as GordesMeberbes and Roussillon.  Perhaps it’s the the numerous unique boutiques and cafes that add to this modern feel.  Lourmarin sits on a plain, unlike the other villages which all sit on top of the hill.  It’s a convenient base if you are going to Aix En Provence.

Lourmarin Village 14Lourmarin Village 13Lourmarin Village 1Lourmarin Village 2Lourmarin Village 4Lourmarin Village 6Lourmarin Village 5Lourmarin Village 3Lourmarin Village 7Lourmarin Village 8Lourmarin Village 9Lourmarin Village 11Lourmarin Village 10Lourmarin Village 12Lourmarin Village 13
Lourmarin Village 22Lourmarin Village 21Lourmarin Village 20Lourmarin Village 18Lourmarin Village 19Lourmarin Village 17

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Castle of Lourmarin 




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