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France Provence

Doner Kebab @ Apt Market , Luberon, France

Doner Kebab @ Apt Market @ France 1
After our morning in the hustle and bustle of Apt Market, we found this kebab place in the back lane.  Thought it would be a quiet place to enjoy our lunch.  Indeed it was as less people were coming through this lane.

Doner Kebab @ Apt Market @ France 2
Doner Kebab @ Apt Market @ France 3
Excellent kebab stuffed with fries (4.50 euros).  We liked the kebab a lot and decided to take it away for dinner as well, along with the fresh produce of fruits and wine from Apt Market.

Doner Kebab @ Apt Market @ France 5Doner Kebab @ Apt Market @ France 4
Simple selections on the menu all at really reasonable prices.

Doner Kebab @ Apt Market @ France 6
Few tables outside the store for a quick bite or you can simply take away the kebab and eat while you walk.

Doner Kebab @ Apt Market @ France 7
Doner Kebab is along Rue Pasteur.  As Apt market is a bit of labyrinth to get around, so good luck finding it!

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Roussillon Village and Les Sentier Des Ocres @ Luberon, France. Day 7 (I)

Roussillon is a gorgeous colorful village in Provence.  Roussillon is surrounded by ochre cliffs which were once mined in the 19th century for the ochre pigmentation.  The villagers made use of this gift of nature and painted the village in splendor.  On the village look out point, the village presents an overall ash-pinkish hue, but as you wander through the streets, you’ll discover brilliant shades of red, orange, brown and yellow.    Continue reading

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