Le Cintra – La Grande Brasserie @ Avignon France

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France Provence

Le Cintra was our first restaurant in the South of France and we could immediately feel the  difference in the atmosphere compared to Paris.  Paces are slower, minds are a little emptier and Le Cintra seemed to be a convenient place as it was close by to the car park we exited from.        Le Cintra is located at the edge of the Avignon township so it is less crowded, and much quieter compared to restaurants closer to the center of town.

The food in general was not too bad.  The Tortellini Al Pesto (12.50 Euros) I ordered was extremely creamy and cheesy though slightly unbalanced because the pesto flavor was faint, and not really there.

Simple Salad.

Gary’s lamb chop was alright.  Tender meat but slightly lamby.  French fries were slightly overfried but we are beginning to enjoy this norm in France.

There’s a lot to choose from Le Cintra’s menu.  Pizza, salad, poultry, meats and seafood.  The food is not top-notch, but they are decent and come with a reasonable pricing in a quiet, relaxed setting.   Not a bad place to eat.

More Info
Official Website
Address: 44, cours Jean Jaurès – 84000 AVIGNON
Tel.: +33 04 90 82 29 80
Fax: +33 04 90 27 93 49
Operating Hours: Daily 7am – 11pm.



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