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Paul is a chain cafe in France, and most heavily populated in Paris.  I’ve seen quite a few Pauls while going around in Paris but hadn’t had a chance to try.  Finally, while we were waiting for our train to Avignon at Gare de Lyon, I gave it a go.   

Paul looks so inviting with the classic checkerboard flooring, cottage-style wooden ceilings and warm lights.  With all that aroma of the breads right out from the oven, and looking at arrays of treats displayed in front of me, I was spoiled for choices.

It took me a while deciding what I wanted to eat.  Sweet treats, savory pies, filling sandwiches, simple croissants.  It was difficult to choose for a fickle minded person like me because they all looked so delicious!

In the end, I picked the rhubarb tart. Rhubarb’s unique sweet & sour flavor, creamy custard and the light puff pastry -Simply Gorgeous.

Gary picked his favorite – the croissant, it’s something that he can never get sick of because he reckons that’s the best in French Pastry! It was, indeed one dainty little piece of croissant.  Buttery, aromatic, crisp, light, flaky and delicate to the touch.

We are easily satisfied people, aren’t we? Simple rhubarb tarts and croissants make us happy 🙂

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