Senanque Abbey, Gordes & Venasque . Day 6 (II)

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France Provence

After visiting the Apt Market, we dropped by Senanque Abbey.   

I know that we are visiting just  after the lavender harvest season, I was secretly hoping that just maybe, maybe I might still see some lavender that hasn’t been harvested.  But sadly, it was only the remainder of lavender scent in the air.

Gordes was our next destination but we detoured a little to Venasque as it showed up on our GPS, just a few km away from Senanque Abbey.

Venasque is one of the most beautiful villages in France and it is indeed a quiet little gem that’s in a world of its own.  I don’t see much tourists, no overflowing cafes, no souvenir shops, and the best thing is, it’s not commercialized at all so I think we saw Venasque in its truest form.

And since there’s hardly anyone around, not even the local  residents, we took our sweet time taking photos, posing and adjusting the tripod in the middle of the streets.  I thought to myself, Venasque would have been a perfect place to do pre-wedding photo shoots!

Our next village, Gordes – also one of the most beautiful villages in France is a spectacular hilltop village that sits on a rocky outcrop.  There is a trick in taking this picture because there really is only one spot that allows you to see this fantastic view.  So you gotta drive around the village a little bit, and at the spot that everybody seems to stop or slow down their car and voila! That’s the spot!

More Info
Map of Vaucluse, Drome, Gard, Ardeche.

Sennaque Abbey Website


Gordes Website




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